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Sunday October 18, 2020

Watch .. the heroes of Yemen Trends on the communication sites

The Yemeni people celebrated their heroes who returned from the captives of the Saudi-Emirati aggression coalition in a prisoner exchange deal..

Abdul Hakim tweeted on this occasion: “They want to tarnish the reputation of the Yemeni and his way of dealing with the prisoner, but God exposed them to the world and this is the truth of the entire alliance.”

Abu Alaa wrote: “God is Great! A witness from his family witnessed the oppression, tyranny and arrogance of the Saud family.”

Raed Al-Ala tweeted: “Scandals haunting them in the field in the media, including bullying, politics, politics, economics, and security chaos in everything. Shame in this world and torment in the hereafter.”

As for Rania Al-Assal, she tweeted: “A big difference between Yemeni prisoners who were welcomed by their families like heroes as if it were a wedding and between Sudanese mercenaries and Pakistan and Salman’s followers only received them from Al-Hadath TV.”

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