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Tuesday June 30, 2020

Watch … the escalation of calls in Iraq to bring out the American forces

The World – Iraq

The truth of what happened on Friday night in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, was revealed in succession, when an anti-terrorist force raided a headquarters of the Hizbullah forces belonging to the Popular Mobilization Forces, with the tongue of those released on Monday evening, where it confirmed the definitive evidence of the participation of American elements in the raid, which sparked reactions rejecting the American intervention In Iraqi internal affairs.

The military spokesman for the Hezbollah Brigades, Ja`far al-Husseini, confirmed that the fourteen were released because the evidence was not proven by the crowd judge, saying that this was evidence that the charge was malicious.

What confirms the direct American involvement in these events, was in the positions announced by the Ambassador of Washington in Kuwait, Alina Romanowski, who said in an interview published by the Kuwaiti KUNA agency that the international coalition forces participated in the raid operation that targeted the headquarters of Hezbollah in Baghdad .. Information quickly deleted by the agency Which raised the questions ..

That process, which sparked controversy in the Iraqi street regarding its timing and objectives, brought with it many reactions, as the head of the Al-Fath coalition, Hadi al-Amiri, called for the expulsion of foreign forces from Iraq urgently, and stressed that there would be no retreat from this requirement.

In a related context, the Secretary General of Asaib Ahl al-Haq Sheikh Qais Khazali warned against entering into a confrontation with the crowd, stressing that there is no faction of the resistance factions targeting Iraqi government institutions in the Green Zone.
The question remains, will Washington push toward Iraqi-Iraqi strife that diverted attention from Washington’s negative role in sabotage, and with it the parliament’s decision to remove all foreign forces from Iraq ??

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