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Thursday January 14, 2021

Watch .. the despair that entered the hearts of the Zionists because of Netanyahu

The World – Particular to the World

In an interview with the Al-Alam channel on the program “The Absence of the Entity”, Nabih Awada referred to a review of the demands of the departure of the corrupt Prime Minister of the Zionist entity, Benjamin Netanyahu, including a message from a Zionist artist who was shown on his Facebook page saying: “Netanyahu, you are corrupt, and you must go.” In it, he refers to the despair that has entered the souls of the Zionists, as a result of Netanyahu’s policy and his authority.

Nabih Awada confirmed: “The famous Israeli rapper made a kind of comprehensive accusation against Netanyahu, about all his behavior in the previous period, and talked about the problems that Benjamin Netanyahu is mainly responsible for, from the issue of unemployment and the corona to the issue of corruption, in all its forms and three addresses and the participation of his wife. In these files, we discuss the issue of repression and violence, which Benjamin Netanyahu practiced in his attempt to use all available means in order to preserve his position and remain in power.

Details in the attached video …

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