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Thursday July 16, 2020

Watch: the death beach swallows 12 people in Egypt!

The Egyptian media said that after the drowning accident that killed 12 people at the Palm Beach, a picture showed that the air currents and whirlpools that occur on the Palm Beach were caused by the concrete barriers inside the beach.

The former head of the Maritime Rescue Association in Egypt, Hassan Fouad Al-Tayyib, stressed that the concrete barriers (fenders) are the ones that cause drowning cases that occur in the palm beach, explaining that “from the nature of the seas, clouds are inward. It is severe from Al-Ajmi to Al-Nakheel.

Al-Tayeb added to the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Watan, that the concrete barriers present increased the intensity of the clouds inside the sea, noting that “swimming mastery is not evidence of the possibility of surviving strong clouds, but the matter needs experience in swimming, it is wrong to insist on resisting clouds , It is supposed to absorb the wave, and after 100 meters, it finds itself able to return to the beach, because the pulling force will weaken. “

The Central Administration for Tourism and Resorts in Alexandria announced last Friday that 12 people had been drowned in Al-Nakheel Beach, in Al-Ajmi neighborhood, west of Alexandria, where 6 bodies had been recovered from the sea water, while the river rescue forces, affiliated to the Civil Protection Department, are continuing their efforts in searching From the bodies of others.

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