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Monday September 28, 2020

Watch: The conclusion of the 16th International Resistance Film Festival in Tehran

The World – Reporters

The participating works shed light on the true spirit of resistance cinema and its role in building a cinematic extension that glorifies the sacrifices of resistance heroes working in various military, health, intellectual, cultural and political fields.

“The festival reflects the steadfastness and resistance of the peoples of the region, and these films conveyed the true picture of suffering,” said Fariba Kothari, a member of the festival’s jury.

Hundreds of cinematic works, including short films and other documentaries, cartoons and video clips, from dozens of countries that participated in the prize collection of the International Film Festival of Resistance in the capital of the Resistance, Tehran, which dealt with the period of holy defense, combating terrorism and its repercussions and facing the occupation.

“A city without lighting” won the award for best animation and as a director, I would say that it is very difficult to translate enthusiasm and patriotism into a cartoon. “

This cinematic event also included an international section dedicated to Corona under the title (Health Defenders), in which the foreign participants were absent and their works attended.

The head of the festival’s international department, Ghulam Raza Munzami, announced, “For the short documentary category,“ Al-Munji ”by Indian director and producer Arjun Mukherjee won the award for best film in the international section and is distinguished for conveying the way to address Corona and take care of health assets in the simplest way possible.

In turn, the Iranian producer, winner of the festival’s prize, Mohsen Mashreqi, said, “The Iranian film” The Last Meeting “won the prize for the best short fictional work, and it tells the story of a doctor who died of Corona while treating people with HIV.

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The cinema of the resistance, which started with the launch of the first bullet in the imposed war, has expanded after forty years to include the entire resistance arena, with its various orientations and affiliations, over a wide area.

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