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Sunday July 12, 2020

Watch … settlers try to establish settlement outposts, under the protection of the occupation army

The World – Reporters

The report stated that settlers set out to establish and install settlement outposts in different areas in the West Bank, with the aim of imposing them as a de facto reality and to include them within the scheme of Benjamin Netanyahu seeking to annex parts of the West Bank.

“This is the town of Al-Mazraa Al-Gharbiya, northwest of Ramallah, and these are a group of settlers who have set up a focus on this site on Palestinian land belonging to the townspeople. The Israeli army is protecting the settlers who lie on the ground with a group of caravans that they came to impose a fait accompli.”

The Center for the Defense of the Territories of the Palestine Liberation Organization revealed an acceleration in the process of building settlement outposts in the West Bank ahead of the expected announcement of the annexation of Palestinian lands to the Israeli occupation entity in addition to the Jordan Valley, according to the center, the construction operations that take place over the Palestinian lands regarding the presence and approval of the Israeli army.

The occupation is proceeding with its annexation plan at a high rate, even if it talks otherwise.

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