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Sunday May 31, 2020

Watch … Saudi opposition council demands the removal of Bin Salman

Formation of a coordinating council for the Saudi opposition, with the aim of removing Muhammad bin Salman from the mandate of the Covenant. This was revealed by Saudi activist Abdul Rahman Al-Suhaimi, who confirmed that the Council has eighteen members, including three princes, and that his work will be limited to correspondence to countries of the world and official and international bodies, indicating that Islamic parliaments and countries in the Persian Gulf and members of the American Congress and European Parliament have been addressed.

Abd al-Rahman al-Suhaimi said: “A year ago we decided to form a coordination council among us within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Of course we do not call for sit-ins or civil disobedience and to take up arms, but after consultation we decided to address parliaments.”

The Coordinating Council called on the king to remove Muhammad bin Salman from all positions, including the mandate of the Covenant, stressing that he is heading to support Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in the mandate of the Covenant, provided that Saudi Arabia is a state of institutions and a constitutional kingdom with an elected parliament.

Al-Suhaimi pointed to the presence of seventeen Islamic countries that support this approach, stressing that the judiciary and religious institutions in the Kingdom have become politicized and in the service of the crown prince, and that the state is fighting useless wars in Yemen, in supporting the Kurds against Turkey and in supporting armed groups in Iraq and Syria.

Since the murder of Saudi journalist Khashoggi, the wave of asylum by Saudi dissidents, activists and bloggers has escalated towards Europe and Canada. In Britain, a large number of opponents began gathering in order to create a broad political framework. Two years ago, dozens met in the capital, London, and set up an organizational structure and internal system for a unified gathering of opposition forces of all shades. With the Saudi minister and former Saudi intelligence official Saad Al-Jabri taking refuge in Canada, the Saudi opposition groups abroad were optimistic about the possibility of establishing a broad framework for national action against what they considered a despotic, repressive, and bloody regime led by Bin Salman.

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