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Saturday August 1, 2020

Watch … President Berri was worried and greeted me with pajamas … and the story of the meeting with Mr. Layla!

The World – Lebanon

He explained, during an interview with a program designated by the Lebanese Al-Manar TV about the July war, that the signs of anxiety were visible on his face, and he told me that the reports come to me from several regions, including the (Lebanese) South, and I want to hear the truth, so I went to the master and asked him about the issue, and he answered me.

And he continued, I went after midnight to His Eminence, and it was then the last days of the war and negotiations, and I told him, I do not hide from you that President Berri is concerned and that some reports have caused him anxiety, and he wants to know the situation, the military field, and not the political situation, because the political situation He goes on as he is, so the master started laughing, and said, I will write a letter for you in this regard, but nevertheless you go to him and tell him what he came with and then hand it over to him.

He added, tell him, until this moment that our youths are fighting in Aita, and our groups are still fighting in Aita and Bint Jbeil, and that the Israeli forces have lost 6 tanks in this area and 7 to 8 tanks in that area, and I will write to you the areas that are experiencing fighting and battles at the moment And hand it over to him, and put us on the ground very excellent.

He stressed that his morale also increased from what Nasrallah spoke, and he said, I took the letter and went to President Berri and delivered it to him and repeated all the words of the master to him, so he told me (Berri) why did not you tell me before about that, and after the end of the conversation I wanted to leave, then he said, wait a little Then he entered his home and returned and had a bag with him, and he said, he reached for the eminence of the master, and he had some freekeh (Lebanese cooking) and grapes, a little bit of food and fruit, and I did a favor and brought it to him, so I don’t know what he is eating, so I said to him on my head, and this was one of the gentlest and noblest sentiments That I touched upon Speaker Berri in that fight.

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The presenter asked him, Did you bring honesty? He said, of course, and do you think I ate it?

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