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Monday April 6, 2020

Watch … horrific hidden behind the bombing of a women’s prison in Taiz Governorate

The World – Yemen

This time, the Saudi aggression committed a horrific massacre against female inmates in the Taiz governorate, which, according to media sources, resulted in the death and injury of dozens of women.

The Saudi aggression and its usual accusing fingers were pointed at the Yemeni army and popular committees, but a source in the local authority in Taiz governorate denied the accuracy of what was reported by the media of the aggression by the joint Yemeni forces standing behind targeting the women’s section of the central prison, indicating that the accusations of the aggression countries came within the framework of the enemy’s preparations to ignite the fronts In Taiz and coverage for the crimes he commits.

While well-informed sources said that the aggression forces escaped some of the prisoners, who had previously demanded the resigned Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi to release them before targeting the women’s prison, similar to the process that took place in the same prison in 2015.

This massacre is not the first of its kind committed by the Saudi aggression or its mercenaries, as Yemeni Deputy Minister of Information Fahmy Al-Youssefi confirmed that the massacre committed by the mercenary of the aggression against female prisoners in the Taiz governorate is a series of massacres and targets of prisons by the aggression forces and their mercenaries for more than five years .

The massacre committed in the women’s prison comes in coordination with the countries of the Saudi aggression and Hadi in order to release some of the dangerous prisoners belonging to the Wahhabi ISIS group for their use within the ranks of the forces of aggression. This massacre is not the first in which Hadi participated.

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Where he and the aggression forces, through their mercenaries, in 2014 attacked the Sanaa Central Prison with a car bomb, which violated the prison wall and the escape of 21 people from the most dangerous terrorist elements.

In 2015, mercenaries of aggression in Taiz governorate and a green light from Hadi stormed the central prison in Taiz and released 1,200 prisoners convicted of criminal cases, which was used in Taiz to commit the most heinous crimes against the people of this governorate.

In 2016, the aggression warplanes bombed the al-Zaydiyah Directorate prison in Al Hudaydah governorate, killing more than 60 prisoners. The aim was to try to smuggle those involved in monitoring crimes and the coordinates of the aggression forces and to liquidate some of them so that the rest of the aggression cells in Hudaydah are not exposed.

In 2017, the aggression coalition’s aviation bombed the Military Police prison in Sana’a in order to get rid of some prisoners in order to avoid exposing some of those involved in crimes with the aggression forces.

The aggression also committed a massacre in 2019 in Dhamar Governorate, which affected the prisoners after the Red Cross and the UN envoy visited them.

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