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Thursday March 26, 2020

Watch / foreign forces in Iraq and withdrawals in a row .. Will Iraq breathe?

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Successive withdrawals of US and foreign forces under the cover of the American coalition in Iraq. The withdrawals came after repeated rocket attacks on bases housing foreign soldiers and the American embassy in Baghdad.

Two new missiles targeted the heavily fortified Green Zone in central Baghdad, where the US embassy is located, and sources said that sirens sounded inside the American embassy after hearing loud explosions inside the Green Zone.

The United States, whose soldiers constitute the overwhelming majority of the forces deployed in Iraq, has announced the withdrawal of its forces from several bases and redeployments to other bases inside Iraq. The coalition forces are also repositioning their forces deployed in about eleven military bases throughout Iraq.

And if Britain and Australia announced that they will only withdraw their trainers from Iraq and keep “essential individuals”, the French Chief of Staff announced that Paris has decided to withdraw its nearly two hundred soldiers from Iraq where they participate in training operations, and said that “in coordination with the Iraqi government, the coalition decided to amend The extent of its spread in Iraq.

About three hundred coalition soldiers, including the French and Americans, withdrew from the Iraqi military base in Qaim, western Iraq, on the border with Syria. They also withdrew completely from the Qayyarah base in the north of the country and delivered them to the Iraqi forces, due to be withdrawn from the Kirkuk base.

The Czech army announced that it had withdrawn thirty soldiers from Iraq due to security fears and worries about the spread of the new Corona virus.

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And the Iraqi parliament voted at the beginning of this year on a resolution committing the government to work to end the presence of any foreign forces on Iraqi soil, including the withdrawal of more than five thousand American soldiers.

Details in the attached video ..

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