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Sunday August 2, 2020

Watch … Communication websites rise up in defense of the Jordanian teacher

The repercussions of the teachers crisis in Jordan widened after the confrontations and violent dealing by the security forces with the protesting teachers, particularly after the decision to close the teachers union on the pretext that it is implementing the Brotherhood’s agenda.

Social media activists reacted to the aftermath of this crisis after videos circulated showing how the police dealt with protesting teachers.

The interaction of communication activists about Jordanian teachers exceeded the borders of the country and spread in more than one country. “Ghada Issa” went to her tweet to the Jordanian Prime Minister saying: “What holiday does your country tell? How can the same people’s unjust cooperation with their teachers in prisons, unfairly, lackluster, and the decision of Antari lacks support? legal”.

And wrote Dr. G: “These are our demands … the immediate and unconditional release of the Jordan Teachers’ Union. The immediate return of trade union activity in compliance with the Jordanian constitution and international labor standards. A firm guarantee of the fundamental rights and democratic freedoms of teachers and all workers. “

The “Justice Previl” account considered that “what is happening in the current Jordanian reality is completely outside of any legal context. It is, at the highest level, a crude and vulgar form of tyranny and absolute rule. Talking about the rule of law, the state of law, institutions, political development, etc. is a big lie for external consumption.”.

As for “Abu Hamza,” he tweeted, “We are peoples who spread knowledge and civilization, and we have a divine constitution to manage all aspects of life, freeing us from dependency and slavery. God gave us the worst of his creation, humiliating the teacher and making him beg for his right, which is the lighthouse of the state and the pillar of its tent.”

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