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Wednesday September 16, 2020

Watch / Bahraini message in Hebrew to the Israeli occupation and the typists with it

The world – Bahrain

Bahrainis have always expressed their rejection of any form of normalization with the Zionists, and they have increased their adherence to the Palestinian cause as the Bahraini regime scrambles to abandon it and sign an agreement of shame and betrayal with the Zionists.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020, is a date that will not be forgotten by the people of Bahrain, which they recorded in the history of their revolution a “day of rage” coinciding with the regime’s signing of the agreement of humiliation for the Zionists and the Americans.

The township statements continue to be issued in rejection of this crime and confirmation of the people of Bahrain standing by the Palestinian people in their struggle until the liberation of all of Palestine.

In the context, a video clip of a Bahraini young man refused normalization with the occupation on social media, in a message he addressed to the occupation and typists in both Arabic and Hebrew.

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