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Monday January 25, 2021

Watch … a huge demonstration in Saada denouncing US policies

The World – Reporters

Al-Alam TV correspondent in Saada reported that the popular demonstration in Saada witnessed widespread restrictions from the various components of the governorate, and the participants chanted slogans denouncing American terrorism and the ongoing US practices in support of the Saudi aggression on Yemen and the continuation of the blockade.

The border directorates with Saudi Arabia also witnessed widespread demonstrations, as citizens of Razih and Al-Haidan districts came out, stressing the popular steadfastness and their rallying around the leadership of Ansar Allah.

The demonstrators chanted slogans of death to America and death to “Israel” and condemned the policies of normalization and emphasized that classifying the Ansar Allah movement within the so-called terrorist groups is an attempt to blackmail the Yemeni people and undermine their steadfastness.

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