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Sunday November 22, 2020

Warnings: The prisoner Nidal Abu Aahour may face the fate of Abu Waer

The World – Palestine

The center stated, in a press release, on Sunday, that Abu Aahour suffers from very difficult health conditions, indicating that he suffers from kidney cancer, in addition to kidney failure for more than 10 years, and despite that, the occupation re-arrested him in late October and issued a one-year prison sentence..

The director of the center, Riad Al-Ashqar, promised that Abu Aahour’s arrest and imprisonment in these dangerous circumstances is a death sentence against him. The fate of the martyr Abu Wa’er, who was promoted in the occupation prisons two weeks ago, as a result of suffering from cancer in the throat and being subjected to intentional medical neglect.

He held the occupation authorities and the prison administration fully responsible for the life of Abu Aahour, who has been dumped in Ramla Hospital since his arrest, is not receiving adequate medical care, and is subjected to medical negligence that may lead to his life at any moment, calling for his immediate release before it is too late..

He stated that the occupation forces had arrested the prisoner Abu Aahour last June from his home and transferred him to the clinic of Ramleh Prison in health conditions, and he nearly died as a result of his deteriorating health condition, and the occupation was forced to release him a month after his arrest, and transfer him to Beit Jala Governmental Hospital in a difficult condition.

He added that the occupation re-arrested him a month ago to complete his detention period, and the Occupation Court issued a one-year prison sentence against him despite the seriousness of his condition. He is married and has seven children, and he is a freed prisoner who spent 14 months in administrative detention.

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