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Saturday January 16, 2021

Vuzix will launch smart glasses with microLED technology this summer # CES2021

Vuzix, which specializes in wearables and augmented reality, is back with advanced smart glasses that were presented at CES 2021. These glasses are powered by microLED technology, thanks to the company’s partnership with the Chinese company Jade Bird Display.

MicroLED turns pixels on and off individually instead of turning on lots of lights all the time, and that’s what the new glasses will do, as you’ll be able to display a monochrome hologram roughly the same size as a pencil eraser, according to Vuzix’s description.

Vuzix also said it will support Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, as well as stereo speakers and microphones for noise isolation. There will also be touch gesture-based controls supported by Android and iOS, presumably to control the accompanying mobile apps.

The name or price of the glasses has not been revealed yet, but the company has stated that it aims to launch them by the summer season, according to TechCrunch reports.


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