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Wednesday September 16, 2020

Volvo adds a firstofitskind air purification feature to its cars

Volvo is interested in producing cars that are safe in all respects, and in the time of the Coronavirus it is time to include a safety feature for air quality.

Volvo says its stateoftheart Inside Air Quality is “the first highquality technology to control the air quality in cars”. The technology consists of a highquality air filter based on synthetic fibers and an air ionizer with special sensors for measuring PM 2.5 particles inside the car.

Volvo’s Advanced Adaptive System considers the percentage of PM 2.5 in the air an indicator of air quality, with many populated areas globally experiencing high levels of PM 2.5 that exceed the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended levels. The system will reduce these particles and measure performance during its lifetime.

In addition, the system enables the car owner to view the air conditioning system performance data from the car or from a smartphone.

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