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Wednesday September 30, 2020

Voice Tweets are reaching more Twitter users and the speech-to-text feature is getting closer

Twitter announced that the voice tweets feature is on its way to more users, but so far on the iOS operating system alone, after its launch in recent months for some users on the aforementioned operating system. The company added that the feature to convert speech to transcribed texts in audio tweets is under development.

The Voice Tweets feature offers users the opportunity to Tweet via voice instead of texting, giving them a different opportunity to express themselves.

Tweeting by voice can be done in a similar way to text tweeting, but by clicking on the audio recording icon next to the Tweet box to send the content.

This expansion comes a few days after Twitter announced the start of testing the voice messaging feature, which was made available to most users in Brazil, provided that the rest of the countries will arrive in the coming period, in a step by the company to enhance communication between users with several solutions and raise the demand for the direct message feature on the platform to compete with Other services.

Twitter indicated that it is working on expanding audio tweets to understand the way the tweeters use audio content more to develop the feature in the coming period.

In addition to expanding the circle of audio tweets, Twitter said that it is working on the feature of converting the voice in the tweets to text to facilitate their understanding by all.

The social network seeks to enhance its growth in the coming period through new features, and there is no doubt that audio content is an important step for that.

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