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Vodafone is the last to withdraw from the support of the Facebook digital currency Libra

Vodafone International completes the withdrawal campaign from the Calibra Foundation responsible for the Facebook cryptocurrency, Libra.

Vodafone is the last to withdraw from the support of the Facebook digital currency Libra

Since Facebook’s crypto coin, Libra, was announced last year and faces major government criticism in the United States and Europe, its launch has been expected to decline in one way or another. This is what actually happened with government pressures on the partners in the Calibra Foundation, which supports the currency, and withdrew one by one during the past months, until the role reached on the global telecommunications company, Vodafone.

Vodafone said it had nothing to do with the subject of cryptocurrencies, but would like to focus more on its payment service, M-Pesa.

The giant telecom operator owns the digital payment service M-Pesa, which operates in about 6 African countries so far to facilitate the payment process and the transfer of money from place to place. But now, after withdrawing from Libera’s support, she wants to expand her digital payment service to reach more neighboring countries and possibly other regions, far from Africa.

In turn, Danny Despararte, director of communication for the Libera Foundation, seemed optimistic in a statement, and stressed that this would not affect the launch of the currency.

Despararte may seem optimistic, but the former Swiss president and prior to Vodafone’s withdrawal spoke about an inevitable failure of Facebook’s currency in its current form.

On the other hand, CoinDesk indicated that Facebook will add new partners to support its currency during 2020.



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