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Violet Jessup

It was not the imminent danger that hovered with its gloomy wings around that little Irish girl from her childhood, but it was death that hovered like a hawk around her, waiting for the desired time to pounce on its prey.

Everyone thought it was too early, when the young girl Violet Jessup – who was born in 1887 in Argentina – contracted the deadly tuberculosis, which killed thousands of children in that period at the end of the nineteenth century, but she survived.

first victim

And when Violet turned 23, she decided to wear her mother’s robes, and follow her example to work on the high seas as a ship hostess, and quickly got the job in one of the largest shipping companies and ships in the world at the time, the famous British company “White Star Line — White Star Line”, and Violet took her first steps in this field in 1910 aboard the “RMS Olympic” and things seemed to be going right, until the Olympic ship collided with the British warship “HMS Hawk” and it seemed that the magic of Miss Violet was not yet mature enough, neither of the ships sank, but the collision would hasten the retirement of the two ships.

great calamity

Violet’s first shock wasn’t enough to get her off course, but in 1912 she found herself a steward on the dream ship, that floating British edifice, the unsinkable ship, the “RMS Titanic”, and on her first voyage, as it is known, she collided The ship swept a mountain of ice in the Atlantic Ocean before it sank in one of the world’s worst shipping disasters.

Death was there, snatching the heads of hundreds of passengers and workers on the ship, but Violet’s time had not yet come. On board the lifeboat No. 16, Violet was carrying a baby who had lost his mother, so he made her in the forefront of the survivors of drowning in that disaster, and Violet survived again. .

the third

These incidents were not enough to persuade Violet to leave this sinister field – thanks to her – and there was no one in the White Star Line who was able to connect the two incidents and Violet, so she kept the same job in the same company.

At a time when more than twenty million people were killed during the First World War, Violet was on the first lines of fire at sea on board the ship HMHS Britannic, which the company converted into a floating hospital to treat wounded soldiers, but the ship She was subjected to a mysterious explosion, or as some call it “Violet Jessup’s curse,” after only 55 minutes of her new service. It was enough to sink the ship and kill dozens of its passengers, but as usual, Violet lived.

the end

Violet’s end at sea was not as you expect, but she continued to survive, and retired at the age of 63, and her time came after 84 years full of sunken ships, specifically in 1971, and history did not confirm any other incident in which Violet was a party, or perhaps history overlooked That, but it is certain and even necessary, that you stay away from boarding any ship on which any of its employees bears the name Violet Jessup.

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