Many mothers suffer from problems related to the hygiene of their children, and one of the most prevalent of these problems is the infestation of the child with lice, which is usually transmitted to him from another child as a result of using his tools such as a comb or a hat, or the child’s failure to follow the basic rules in maintaining hygiene such as touching the head and hands dirty. The cause of the infection is your use of a shampoo that is not completely suitable for your child’s scalp. As a result of her child’s abuse of this problem, the mother begins to search for solutions to get rid of it and eliminate it, and one of the most important treatments used in this is the use of vinegar in different forms and masks.

types of lice

The types of lice differ according to the area in which they are located. In addition to the lice found in the hair of the head, specifically the area behind the ears and the base of the neck, which is the most common, there are two other types:

  • Pubic lice: If there is hair on the pubic hair as a result of not cleaning it, or if the child is in the first stage of puberty, he may be exposed to this type of lice as well.
  • Body lice: which are found in different areas of the body such as the eyebrows and eyelashes, in addition to the hair of the face, chest and underarms, but it is a rare type.

Vinegar recipes to get rid of lice

Vinegar and olive oil

the components:

  • amount of vinegar.
  • An amount of olive oil equal to the amount of vinegar.

How to prepare and use:

  • Put the ingredients in a bowl and mix them well.
  • Apply the mixture on the victim’s head and behind his ears, in addition to his neck, and leave it for up to an hour.
  • Wash the affected person’s hair with the appropriate shampoo for his hair type, and then comb it with the lice comb, so that his teeth are close to each other; Because it helps to get rid of lice and their eggs as well.

Vinegar and water

the components:

  • a glass of vinegar;
  • a glass of water.

How to prepare and use:

  • Mix the ingredients together in a bowl.
  • Pour the mixture over the victim’s head.
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm or lukewarm water.
  • Comb it with the lice comb, so that its teeth are close to each other; Because it helps to get rid of lice and their eggs as well.

Vinegar and tea tree oil

the components:

  • A shampoo containing tea tree oil.
  • Amount of apple cider vinegar.

How to prepare and use:

  • Wash the affected hair with the aforementioned shampoo.
  • Then rinse his hair with vinegar.
  • Comb his hair with the lice comb.

In the event that you did not benefit from these mixtures, or followed the necessary advice and did not benefit, it is best to go to the specialist doctor or pharmacist; To prescribe the appropriate medicine to eliminate this insect, as well as give you the necessary advice to deal with the child during his treatment period by using his own pillow, and the need to keep him away from his brothers to avoid transmitting the infection to them and so on.

Vinegar to eliminate lice

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