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Tuesday February 23, 2021

Video .. The story of a Chinese girl’s love for the Arabic language and her imitation, Adel Imam

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The girl became famous among Arabs as Asia, and although she lives in Beijing and did not leave, her fame has spread recently among Arabs through the spread of videos of her on communication sites, as she imitates the most famous Egyptian Arab comedian, leader Adel Imam, in his famous play “School of rioters.”

These videos achieved great circulation between the Egyptian and Arab tweeters, who praised her lightness as well as the strength and influence of Arab and Egyptian art.

Asya’s story began with the Arabic language 9 years ago, when she was majoring during her studies at the university level in China, and she loved Arabic more than just an academic major, as she prepared a master’s thesis in the Arabic language.

Regarding the reason for choosing to study the Arabic language, Asia said that she was deeply attracted to the ancient civilization of the Middle East, and that she heard many legends about the Sphinx and the pyramids in Egypt, and studying the Arabic language was the key to a deeper understanding of the Pharaonic and Egyptian monuments and the civilization of the Arabs and the Middle East in general.

She added, “I was fortunate during my studies of the Arabic language as I have many Arab friends who are ready to help and answer any question.”

Asia knew the great actor Adel Imam through one of her friends, who used to not stop laughing when he watched his plays.

And Asia faced a problem in the beginning that she did not understand the Egyptian dialect well, so her friend explained it to her, especially Adel Imam’s method.

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About that, she explained, “When I saw Adel Imam after that, I felt that he was very funny. It opened up the world of comedy for me in Egypt and the Arab world, and then I knew Ahmed Helmy, Muhammad Saad and many other Arab comedians.”

And she continued, “Maybe I have a little comedy spirit, so I love imitating Arab comedians.”

Assia, who is 27 years old, works in the media field as a “YouTube” and a presenter of light programs in the Arabic language through some Chinese channels and stations directed to Arabs, as she confirmed that “her story with the Arabic language continues, because the study of Arabic is endless, it is a beautiful, ancient and easy language “.

Asia hopes that she will have the opportunity to live and study in an Arab country “so that she can get to know the Arab civilization and its heritage more closely and better.”

Assia concluded her speech by saying, “She dreams of acting with Professor Adel Imam on stage.”

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