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Friday July 31, 2020

Video .. The response of the resistance will be greater than the occupation’s expectations

The world – a special world

Khalil Nasrallah added, in a special interview with Al-Alam TV via the (Studio Beirut) program, that what happened reoccupied the occupation, the memory of the psychological war that was launched during the 8 days during the process of Avivim in 2016, which established the equation of the possibility of killing them anywhere and the prestige of the borders was broken.

He added that the occupation is in a state of floundering, pointing out that what happened on the border is an attempt by the occupation to relieve congestion to push Hezbollah to respond to it in order to finish the burden of the response and the security event.

He pointed out that the accounts of the resistance are completely different, stressing that the current scene, in addition to the Israeli tension and the incompleteness of data he has on the intentions of the resistance, suggests that the response of the resistance will be harsh.

More in the attached video ..

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