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Saturday November 7, 2020

Video .. the Republican Party gives up on Trump!

The world – the Americas

The American people are still in a state of anticipation, awaiting the completion of the vote-counting process, as the preliminary results show that Democratic candidate Joe Biden is more likely to win than his Republican rival Donald Trump.

“Dear Americans, we do not have a final announcement of victory yet, but the numbers tell a clear and compelling story. We will win this race. We are on the right track to obtain more than three hundred votes from the Electoral College votes. We got more,” said US presidential candidate Joe Biden. Out of seventy-four million votes. “

President Trump, who appeared isolated within his Republican party, and his words became the subject of ridicule after he claimed that he would be the victim of stealing the elections, warned his rival Biden against claiming victory by the wrong way and confirmed that the legal procedures had just begun by filing more than a dozen lawsuits in the states of Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia .

This matter was considered by American politicians to not change the outcome with anything accusing Trump of swimming against the current and doing what he is doing to delay the announcement of Biden’s victory only. A number of leaders of the Republican Party called on Trump to accept defeat and not to arouse destructive and dangerous feelings. Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie warned of the risk of stoking tension without tangible elements. Senator Mitt Romney rejected Trump’s claims that the elections were rigged, corrupt, and stolen.

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Biden’s campaign, in turn, raised its rhetoric, warning that Trump might be driven out of the White House if he refused to admit defeat.

In light of the successive numbers that are going in favor of Biden and the implicit recognition of US media of his victory by talking about providing him with additional protection after he is around the corner or below the White House, CNN reported that the American Civil Aviation Authority restricts air traffic over the headquarters Biden resides and his campaign headquarters in Delaware.

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