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Saturday May 23, 2020

Video .. The body of ‘Wagner’ mercenaries was found south of Tripoli, Libya

The World – Libya

The private channel, “Al-Ahrar Al-Ahrar”, published a video clip showing the body of a mercenary who said that the “Special Deterrent Force” had found her, after liberating Salah al-Din in the capital.

And on Tuesday, Washington called for “a continuous cessation of the transfer of foreign military equipment and personnel to Libya,” and the withdrawal of Russian “Wagner” mercenaries fighting the ranks of Haftar’s forces.

For his part, NATO expressed “Saturday” concern about the presence of mercenaries “Wagner” in the ranks of Haftar’s forces, stressing that “he considers the Libyan government, the legitimate government, and does not deal with others.”

The most famous Russian security company is owned by businessman Yevgeny Prigogin.

Hifter’s forces continue to suffer heavy losses as a result of harsh strikes in all cities of the western coast, up to the border with Tunisia, in addition to the strategic Al-Wattia base, and the towns of Badr, Tiji and the city of Asaba (southwest of Tripoli).

Since April 4, 2019, Haftar’s forces have launched a failed attack to take control of Tripoli, the seat of government, targeting residential neighborhoods and civilian sites, leaving civilians dead and wounded, along with extensive material damage.

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