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Wednesday January 13, 2021

Video leaks review the colors of the upcoming Galaxy S21 phones

Tomorrow, January 14, the Korean giant will hold its official conference to announce the company’s flagship Galaxy S21 series, where the company offers the main version with the Galaxy S21 Plus and the latest Galaxy S21 Ultra, and has reviewed the latest leaks of the colors presented by Samsung this year in its distinctive phones.

Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy S21 series phones with 11 options in the colors in which the phones are available in the market, provided that some colors are available directly at the official announcement, while some colors are launched later.

I have spotted a video leak published on Roland Quandt’s page showing the colors offered by Samsung this year for the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus phones, as well as the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

According to the leaks, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will be launched in gray and black colors, and then the Korean giant offers more choices in the colors of this version.

The video leaks also reviewed the colors of the Galaxy S21 Plus, which is available this year in gold, and red, among other options in distinctive colors in calm tones.

The Galaxy S21 comes with limited color options compared to the higher versions, as Samsung offers the phone in pink, white, and purple colors as well as gray, provided that it is initially available in white only.

Also revealed the recently published photo leaks about the design of the wireless charging units coming from Samsung, as the wireless charging unit Pad Duo supports 9W charging, and a 3.5W smart watch charging at the same time.

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Samsung also introduces the EP-P1300 Single Charge Unit, which supports charging 9W smartphones or 7W Apple devices.


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