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Saturday August 15, 2020

Video .. Details of the defeat of the American state against Iran

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Russia and China opposed the project, and Britain, France, Germany and eight other members abstained from voting, which was seen by Tehran as an unprecedented defeat and isolation of Washington.

As expected, the United States failed to pass its bill in the Security Council to extend the arms embargo on Iran, which is due to expire next October, despite attempts to mobilize support for the illegal decision and introduce amendments to it to pass it, Washington did not succeed in obtaining nine votes in favor of approving its draft, Only the United States and the Dominican Republic voted in favor of the project, in exchange for opposition from Russia and China, and Britain, France, Germany and eight other members abstaining from voting, thus negating the need for Moscow and Beijing to use their veto.

The result of the vote revealed the extent of the isolation that America is witnessing and is considered another victory for Iran’s active diplomacy over America, in addition to the legal force of the nuclear agreement.

“The result once again shows that unilateralism has no support and bullying will fail. Any attempt to place the special interest above the common interest of the international community is a dead end,” said Zhang Jun, China’s ambassador to the United Nations.

The United States was not able to hide its extreme annoyance at its defeat against Iran and the abandonment of all its major allies, but to save its face, there have been renewed threats to seek to re-impose all United Nations embargo measures on Iran, which is something it has no right to demand after its withdrawal from the nuclear agreement.

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said: “Today, the United Nations Security Council has failed to hold Iran accountable. America will continue to work to correct this mistake.”

Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations, Majid Takht Rawanchi, responded to this threat by warning the United States that any return to the international embargo measures would be faced firmly, because Iran’s options are unlimited.

“The outcome of the vote on the arms embargo against Iran shows, once again, the isolation of the United States. The council’s message: No to unilateralism. The United States must learn from this defeat. Its attempt to” restore the embargo “is illegal, said Majid Takht Ruanchi, Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations. The international community rejected it as it appeared today. ”

In order to avoid a confrontation and a further escalation in the United Nations, the Russian president proposed to clarify an urgent issue, to hold an Internet summit with the United States and the rest of the states parties to the nuclear agreement, which France declared its willingness to participate in.

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