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Wednesday September 16, 2020

Victory drops Iranian Saebhan … and tops his Asian group

Victory drops Iranian Saebhan … and tops his Asian group

The cooperation maintained the lead despite losing to Persepolis in the Champions League

Wednesday – 28 Muharram 1442 AH – 16 September 2020 AD Issue No. [

Hamdallah continued the scoring journey with two goals against Iran’s Sayebhan (Asharq Al-Awsat)

Riyadh: Fahd Al-Issa

Moroccan Abdel Razek Hamdallah, the Al-Nasr striker, succeeded in leading his team to achieve a valuable victory over his Iranian counterpart Sepahan, after he scored two goals in the match that brought them together at Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium in Al-Sadd Club, in the third round of the group stage of the AFC Champions League.
Al-Nasr team led its fourth group after its victory over Iranian Sepahan, to raise the yellow team’s score to 7 points, taking advantage of the Qatari Al-Sadd’s draw with its UAE counterpart Al-Ain.
The Qatari Al-Sadd came in second place in the fourth group with 5 points, while Sepahan remained in third place on his previous score of 3 points, while the Emirati Al-Ain team restored its hopes of competing for the qualifying card for this group, despite coming last with one point.
And within the third group competitions, the Saudi Al-Taawon team lost an unanswered goal from its Iranian counterpart, Persepolis, but “Al-Taawon” remained at the top of its group with 6 points, which is the same number as its Qatari team, Al-Duhail, after winning the same round over Sharjah, the UAE.
The match was on its way to a goalless draw between the two teams, but Shuja Khalilzad broke this deadlock by scoring a single goal for the Iranian team, giving him match points, and leading him in the ranking list to third place with 4 points.
And at Jassim bin Hamad Stadium in Al Sadd Club; Where the victory match and his Iranian counterpart Sepahan, Portuguese Vitoria started by throwing the three recently joined the team; Abdel-Majid Al-Salihim, Abdel-Fattah Asiri and Argentine Martinez to his main list that started the match.
A quiet start, the Iranian Sepahan almost broke it with an early visit to the victory net after a fallen ball deceived the defense of Al-Nasr with the fifth minute. Mohsen Al-Ghasani was alone with her, before Abdullah Mado intervened in time and ended the seriousness of the solitary attack.
Al-Sulayhim led a Nasrallah attack with the eighth minute, and gave it to Martinez, who got a foul near the penalty area, advanced to implement it and played it, but it passed far from the Iranian team’s net.
The control of Al-Nasr team began to be clear in the course of the field, as it was always the first to make attacks and search for a visit to goalkeeper Niyazmand’s net, amid positive moves by the Phalanx and the young player Khaled Al-Ghanem.
With the 28th minute, Martinez gave an elaborate pass to Moroccan Abd al-Razzaq Hamdallah inside the penalty area, he tried with the latter, but the ball fell on him, and only a minute later Hamdallah succeeded in translating the Argentine cross, Martinez, coming from a mistake that was outside the penalty area, stung him in the head to occupy the Iranian net As Nasrawi’s first goal.
Al-Nassr almost re-visited Sepahan’s team with the 33rd minute after the two Al-Ghanem and Martinez transferred the ball between them, and its danger in the penalty area ended without a title, and in the 35th minute I attended the first real attempt of Sepahan’s team, after a powerful shot by Australian Brad Jones.
A few minutes before the end of the first half of the match, Sultan Al-Ghanem saved his team’s goal, Al-Nasr, from an investigator goal, after he removed the ball before it reached the striker of Sepahan, facing the goal of Al-Nasr.
At the beginning of the second half of the match, Sultan Al-Ghanem led a Nazarene attack with individual efforts, he penetrated with it into the penalty area, and passed it weakly without a title, to be snatched by Sepahan’s defender, Izzat Borgaz, who shot it strong, hit the sheep again, and returned, thank God, who stands in the face of the goal, where he shot strong Sepahan’s window was my second target.
Khaled Al-Ghannam missed a goal, achieved in the 56th minute, after getting a ball behind Sepahan’s defenses, facing the goal, and putting it quietly passed next to the Iranian post.
Sepahan’s team imposed control over the game after conceding a second goal, and almost in more than one shot visited the goalkeeper Brad Jones, the most prominent of these attempts was by Mohamed Mohebi, who dodged the defenses of victory, and hit a ball that passed next to the yellow post.
In the face of the Iranian team’s search to reduce the difference, the Portuguese Vitoria intervened by throwing Mukhtar Ali as a substitute for Abdel Fattah Asiri, to contribute to the team’s balance on the defensive side, especially in light of the great impulse shown by the Iranian Sepahan team.
Australian goalkeeper Brad Jones, the Al-Nasr goalkeeper, kidnapped the stardom of the last quarter of the match, after he managed to stop more than one ball coming from Sebahan’s players, to keep his net clean without reaching any goal.


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