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Sunday October 18, 2020

Venezuela: Sputnik’s vaccine is excellent and the criticisms are political only

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In an interview with “VTV”, in response to a question about the criticism of the vaccine, Delsey said: “This is a political issue, not a health and medical issue. From a scientific point of view, the Russian vaccine did not have any complications, it is an excellent vaccine.”

According to the Venezuelan Vice President, his country expects to begin vaccination with the vaccine next April after the completion of the tests and the approval of the World Health Organization.

In early October, Russia delivered the first batch of its vaccine to Venezuela – the first country in the Western Hemisphere to participate in Phase 3 clinical trials of the vaccine.

Russia registered the world’s first coronavirus vaccine, developed by the “Gamali” Institute, in August. It is now completing the third phase of clinical trials in Russia according to WHO protocols.

Away from Venezuela, the Russian Direct Investment Fund, together with its partners, is conducting clinical trials of the “Sputnik V” vaccine in Belarus, the United Arab Emirates and India.

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