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Various reasons for your menstrual disorders .. Know it

The menstrual cycle is a natural thing that girls go through. Every month, the endometrium grows in order to receive a fertilized egg due to pregnancy, and in the event that the egg does not enter the menstrual cycle occurs, the teenager starts at the age of 11 years often and the menstrual cycle ends at the age of fifty.

According to the medicalnewstoday website, it is normal for the menstrual cycle to occur every month, but some women may experience severe disorders in the menstrual cycle, which may be an increase in menstrual bleeding or interruption of a period or bleeding between menstrual periods, which is evidence of a health problem in women, and it is The most prominent causes of menstrual disorders.

Causes of menstrual disorders

1: Exposure to stress and stress and nervousness affects the hormones and causes menstrual disorders, so women are advised to stay away from nervousness and psychological pressure.

2: Contraceptive side effects increase the risk of menstrual disorders, as they contain a proportion of estrogen and progesterone, which affects hormones.

3: The presence of fibrous tumor in the womb affects the menstrual cycle and hormones, and also causes severe abdominal pain and the ability to deal normally.

4: Infection in the pelvis, which is a bacterial infection that affects the regularity of the menstrual cycle.

5: endometriosis is an abnormal growth of abdominal tumors and causes a bacterial infection that affects a woman’s reproductive system.

6: Breastfeeding affects the menstrual cycle, as prolactin is a hormone responsible for the production of breast milk and affects the regularity of the menstrual cycle.

7: The presence of thyroid problems that affect hormones and cause menstrual disorders, as well as problems in weight, heart palpitations and constant anxiety.

8: Endometriosis causes menstrual cramps and disorders, so it is advised to treat it immediately before complications occur.

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