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Tuesday June 2, 2020

VALORANT game is now available worldwide for free

Riot Games officially launched the character-based VALORANT tactical shooting game on computers.

Riot Games today announced that the VALORANT tactical shooting game in which two five-player teams compete is now available to everyone around the world without delay despite the current conditions associated with the Coronavirus.

In most regions, players can now create a VALORANT account and download the computer game for free, and game enthusiasts will also be able to watch the new video release of the game “VALORANT” in addition to the clip of the play environment that displays the new “Ascent” map that will start with the first episode of the game.

Riot Games says about the new shooting game: “VALORANT is a tight and deadly multiplayer team game that involves high-resolution shooting battles using a wide range of pistols and characters for customers with unique capabilities, and their actions are located in carefully tuned maps to ensure long hours of fun gameplay in which two teams compete Of five players divided into attackers and defenders to win a 24-round arms duel. VALORANT is a free game designed to achieve optimal performance on a wide range of computers, with the goal of including the largest number of players globally, and is supported by that provided by Riot Games, the best-in-class game server, global infrastructure, and special anti-fraud technologies, a commitment by the company to maintain The basic principles of tactical voting style and support the competitive integrity of the gaming experience. ”

Record numbers with VALORANT beta

  Riot Games Tactical shooting game VALORANT

After the release of the closed beta version in April 2020, VALORANT managed to achieve historical figures, as record viewing numbers were broken with 34 million watch hours in a single day, while the peak number of viewers exceeded 1.7 million viewers at the same time, a record not It is preceded only by the number achieved by the World Championship Riot Games Finals with its other League of Legends game in 2019.

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Players were also recorded up to 3 million per day during the two-month closed beta release period, while fans watched more than 470 million hours of VALORANT closed beta broadcast on Twitch and AfreecaTV’s Korean broadcast service.

Game server with high quality and infrastructure

Valentine - Riot James

Riot Games says the launch of VALORANT will be on dedicated servers with a refresh rate of 128 times per second. The servers will be freely available to everyone to help them increase the speed of movement of all players to 128 fps. That is, the servers will transfer the speed of players with slow internet access to 128 frames per second to be on par with other players.

Riot Games confirms that it will ensure a ping speed of at least 35 seconds per second for at least 70% of players around the world through the “Riot Direct” service through which the company arranges data exchange agreements with Internet service providers, which includes a network Universal of data transmission media has been assigned to VALORANT players, with points of presence in most major cities around the world, which gives them the ability to repair broken tracks and load load balancing in crowded tracks, as well as adding new circuits to serve more players in the future (i.e. the proportion of 70 % Will rise in places where demand increases).

The company explained that during the beta release period, the volume of demand from the expected players exceeded, and therefore it began working towards the deployment of more servers in the places where the waiting period did not meet the required standards, and the company aims in the short term to deploy new servers for the game in each of the cities of Warsaw Madrid, London, Atlanta and Dallas, while improving waiting conditions in Colombia, Argentina and Eastern Europe.

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To find out more about VALORANT you can visit the official website

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