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Thursday January 14, 2021

“Uncle of the Mujahideen,” I worry the Americans … so it issues Iraqi medals

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The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Authority congratulated its Chief of Staff Abdul Aziz al-Muhammadawi (Abu Fadak) for his inclusion on the US sanctions list, where it stated in a statement that it “congratulates the courageous leader Abu Fadak al-Muhammadawi for his inclusion on America’s blacklist that targeted the leaders of victory and is still targeting all leaders who contributed To eradicate global terrorism. “

For its part, Jirat al-Nujaba said, according to its leader, Hashem al-Mousawi, that the US Treasury Department, which took the sanctions decision, is “the source of terrorist financing and there is no legal value for its sanctions,” stressing that the US administration “went too far in its intent, and it must pay the price of its unfair decisions.” , Describing Al-Muhammadawi’s status on the terrorism list as “insulting to the prestige of the state and its military institutions.”

The US Treasury Department’s move to add the chief of staff of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces to the list of terrorism, days after a similar procedure against the head of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Authority, Faleh al-Fayyad.

“M.kataya” published a picture of the leader Abu Fadak and commented on it in a tweet on his own account, “He does not have a balance in your coffers and your banks! Rather, he has two eyes that bear a revenge soon, inevitable.”

He said, “fareed” in his tweet, “Whoever is hostile to America, know that he is a gallant, brave and honorable # uncle in the fields of the brave.”

And the “Sumerian letters” account published a tweet in which it said, “Congratulations to the uncle for joining the ranks of Engineer and Khazali in the list of honor # uncle in the fields of the brave.”

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Ahmed Al-Thawq commented in a tweet on the US decision, “I laugh, my dear uncle, because you stopped them laughing on the basis of your money raised by American banks. # Uncle in the fields of the brave.”

“Zahraaalsatar” said in a tweet, “This honor is only attained by the pure …. # uncle_in the fields of the brave.”

And “Ahmed” tweeted on his account, “If America is satisfied with you, know that you are wrong, and if America praises you, then know that you are traitors to the great Imam Khomeini (may his secret be sanctified). Congratulations to my uncle # uncle in the fields of the brave.”

HibaHusseinii said in a tweet, “Haji Abu Fadak does not have in your cabinet except for pictures of your burning tanks and eyes bearing the revenge of the engineer and the great general.! # Khal_in_the fields of the brave # successor of the engineer.”

“Maarb” wrote in his tweet, “On the occasion of the inclusion of the Chief of Staff of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Commander Abu Fadak, to the list of sanctions of the American entity, we recall the saying of the leader of the South, Commander Nasrallah, (wet it and drink its dead) # Khal_in_Maidans_the Brave.”

“The axis of resistance is holding victories with an iron fist and will not loosen them because of America’s shameful sanctions. Rather, the axis increases strength, solidity, and faith in God, glory be to Him, and His Prophet, and his pure family, the uncle, in the fields of the brave,” Haider al-Quraishi said in a tweet.

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And he saw the “objective Benjamin” in his tweet, “The list of honor and the brave and the terror of the axis of American evil # uncle_in the fields of the brave.”

Zahraa Al-Asadi said in a tweet, “America proves that it is bankrupt and is heading towards disintegration, so it is working to export its crises to the countries of Islam and the axis of resistance, but it inevitably fails.”

Abu Muzayel wrote in the Iraqi dialect, saying: “The group who degrades its leaders with the list of sanctions reminds me of the story of Salman al-Muhammadi, who made al-Madaen al-Madaen. Of penalties) #cous_the brave.

Mahdi Ali Alkhafaji said in his tweet, “Our leaders have decorations on their chests and foreheads every day … the certificate is a medal … and the punishments are a badge … and America’s anger and anger at them is a medal … The agent of charges against them is medals … Mubarak has medals for you. Honor and courage … America … my death is your hateful … # uncle of the brave.

“The US Treasury puts you on the list of terrorism, and this is your pride because you terrorized them and their military fleets,” Muntadhar Al-Shara said in his tweet. # Abu_fadak.

“One of the manifestations of American confusion in announcing the sanctions today on the US Treasury Department website is that the charge of” communicating with ISIS “is attached to the deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Hajj # Abu Fadak,” Diaa confirmed.

For her part, “Zaynab Moussawy” said in a tweet to her, “Do you think with your penalties that you will not read the phrase” uncle pass by here “on the walls of the US embassy again? You lost! Prepare your coffins! # Abu_fadak.

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In conclusion .. the account of “25_ al-Qal al-Maksur” 20 published a tweet in which Imam Khomeini (Quds) says: – Israel must eliminate from existence any group that works for the goals it believes in, God Almighty will help and extend it, and if A group believed in God, and it will be tens of times more difficult to clash with it and defeat it. Whoever you see has been classified among God’s enemies as a terrorist, follow him and do not let him down .. # Abu_fadak. “

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