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Monday August 10, 2020

UFC’s global -Nazzal Island in Abu Dhabi defeats Corona and returns hope to the hearts of sports fans

Although humanity seems determined to confront the Covid 19 pandemic with all its strength and determination, the virus continues to prevent the return of life to what it was before. But when was a person from the tin of fearful surrender ?! Start. He is constantly struggling with hardships, inventing a thousand ways to survive and beautify the face of days. Thus, the Corona virus is affected by one defeat after the other, as it will not be an obstacle to much of what the people of joyful hearts like … and the strong! Guide?! International “Nazzal Island” in Abu Dhabi, here are the details!

The Corona virus has not prevented the establishment of one of the most beautiful events that captivate the hearts of millions of adventurers and martial arts, as the Emirate of Abu Dhabi hosted a global heroic participation of 1500 people among organizers, technicians, media professionals and fighters, without exposing public health to a setback, and with care to make this event successful Sports as much as possible.

It is the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which was hosted by Abu Dhabi last July (from 11 to 26), defying all odds and proving that it is able to host international sports against all odds.

The excitement and excitement that accompanied all the matches did not block the light from the venue itself, which astonished everyone on the planet. Were you imagining, for example, that Nazzal Island would be near the charming beach and surrounded by many entertainment and recreation facilities ?!

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Indeed, the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi has established, in just four weeks, a safe area of ​​11 square kilometers on Yas Island, containing a battlefield, training facilities, and a number of worldclass restaurants, destinations, and tourist and entertainment facilities including the famous Yas Marina Circuit that witnesses An annual Formula 1 Etihad Airways Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, Yas Links Abu Dhabi, Yas Beach, and six hotels in three to four star categories within the district.

Maintaining public safety in light of the Covid19 pandemic was a priority, and for this reason, strict and unprecedented preventive measures have been taken through a complete quarantine of 14 days for everyone associated with the conflicts, and more than 10,000 Covid19 tests have been taken, at the rate of one test per person every 72. An hour, in order to ensure that the island is free of any potential infections. Participants were only allowed to go outside to move within the safe area, noting that the participants had to stay in their rooms where food and everything they needed after the first examination was conducted.

Etihad Airways was entrusted with transporting the participants to Abu Dhabi from 4 destinations, which are Nevada, London, Moscow and Sao Paulo, where the crew of the aircraft were subjected to a 14day quarantine, as a precautionary measure to prevent any possible infection.

All bags and personal belongings were sterilized before being brought into the safe area.

The fights took place without an audience, but were shown live internationally on pay channels in some select markets.

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