Types of torment inflicted on the children of Israel

God Almighty sent down on the Children of Israel more than one type of torment and trials because of their sins, and what follows is a mention of some of the torment of the Children of Israel that befell them in the life of this world:

He ordered them to kill themselves

When the Children of Israel broke the covenant with Moses – peace be upon him – and worshiped the calf after its absence from them; God Almighty arranged for his repentance a severe punishment for them when he commanded them to fight; by killing each other; And that was a severe punishment and misery that descended upon the Children of Israel, from which they could not find anything. So they began to fight with the blade, and some of them raised the knife towards each other; Until they killed each other, until God – the Most High – permitted them to be relieved and was satisfied with their actions, so whoever lived after that; God – the Most High – repented to him, and whoever was killed; A testimony was written for him for the sake of God.[1]

The monstrosity of the children of Israel

God – the Most High – had tested the Children of Israel by forbidding hunting whales for them on the Sabbath; Then he added to the test for them that he made whales more numerous on Saturday and less on all other days; Until they hunted them with difficulty, a group of the Children of Israel wanted to deceive the command of God – the Most High -; So they hunted whales on Saturday, and grilled them for food on a day other than Saturday; But God – the Most High – did not approve of this action and turned them into monkeys; The monkey among them knew his human relatives, and tried to talk to him and stick with him; He is denied by his relative to mankind, and he is about to not know him.[2]

Attributes of the Children of Israel

The Holy Qur’an mentioned that the Children of Israel are of two types; A group of them are believers who are loyal to God – the Most High -, and others, who are the vast majority, have reprehensible characteristics because of their badness and ugliness. Among the characteristics of the Children of Israel mentioned in the Holy Qur’an to define the believers are the following:[3]

  • Enmity and hatred for the people of faith.
  • Asthharhm killing prophets and messengers.
  • The distortion of the word of God – the Most High – in the Torah.
  • Their desire to spread sedition in the land.
  • Their envy, hatred and lack of love for the good of the believers.
  • Asthharhm breaking covenants and covenants.

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Types of torment on the children of Israel

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