The tiger belongs to the feline family, which is included under the classification of mammals, and is widely spread in southern Africa, southern and central Asia, but its numbers are declining dramatically as a result of the decline of forests, and the construction of residential cities in their place, and thus tigers became one of the animals that could be threatened with extinction during the time short.

The tiger is a relatively large animal, but its feet are short compared to the length of its body, and its skull is large, and it is an opportunistic animal, which enabled it to adapt in many environments, in addition to its great ability to move over long distances, as its speed reaches fifty-eight kilometers. per hour.

types of tigers

There are many breeds of tigers, some of which are still present, and some of them are extinct, and they are as follows:

Current Breeds

Previously, tigers were classified into about twenty-seven breeds, but scientists have reduced them, depending on their DNA, and tigers similar to acid are inhabiting close areas, so the current breeds are classified according to the habitat in which they live, namely:

  • Indonesian subspecies, such as the Indonesian tiger.
  • The Indian dynasty, and inhabits several regions, namely India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and parts of Pakistan.
  • The Japanese breed, called the tigers that live in northern China, and named in Japanese to distinguish them from the tigers of the eastern breed, they also live in northern China.
  • Sri Lankan subspecies, the tigers that live in Sri Lanka.
  • The Javanese subspecies, the tigers that live on the island of Java.
  • The eastern subspecies, the tigers that inhabit Korea, eastern Russia, and some tigers that inhabit northern China.
  • The tiger subspecies, the tigers that inhabit the continent of Africa, an example of which is the African tiger.
  • The Persian breed, which is the tigers that live in southern Asia, like the Iranian tiger.
  • The Arabian tiger, which is an independent breed, although it was proposed to be included in the Persian breed, but this has not yet been done.

Previous dynasties

It includes twenty-seven strains, including: strains classified within the African strain in the current classification:

  • Swahili breed.
  • Tiger breed.
  • The tiger dynasty.
  • Central African dynasty.
  • West African dynasty.
  • Congo dynasty.
  • Eritrean dynasty.
  • Ugandan dynasty.
  • Zanzibar dynasty.
  • Somali breed.
  • Head of Good Hope dynasty.

Dynasties classified within the Persian dynasty in the current classification:

  • Sinai dynasty.
  • Anatolian dynasty.
  • Caucasian breed.
  • Middle Persia dynasty.
  • Balochistan Dynasty.

Breeds classified within the Indian race in the current classification:

  • Kashmiri dynasty.
  • Nepalese ancestry.

Hybrid breeds with other types of cats

After crossing tigers with other cats such as lions, jaguars and others, new breeds of tigers have emerged, including:

  • Kumar: It is the product of mating a female cougar with a male tiger or vice versa.
  • The lion tiger: It is the product of a male tiger and a female lion (the lioness).

types of tigers

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