social personality

Owners of this type of personalities are known for their love of attention and communication with members of society, and therefore they use communication skills and their relationships with people to reach their successes. These people are known for their love of talk and gossip, and they are very capable of attracting others to them, and they are characterized by activity and full of energy when Working with others, they often show signs of optimism and good mood.[1]

introverted personality

Withdrawal and introversion is one of the most prominent features of this personality, whose owners are characterized by a tendency to isolate and stay away from social relationships that are annoying and uncomfortable for them. On the other hand, introverts choose activities carefully, after deep thinking, and prefer individual work over group work.[2]

narcissistic personality

sensitive personality

Sensitive people may be open in their personalities or introverted, and they have many positive qualities; Such as the ability to listen, empathize, and understand others, and on the other hand, they have other negative qualities; such as constant tension about life situations that they see as unfair, as well as comparing themselves to others; Which leads to them feeling sad and lost happiness as a result of those negative social comparisons.[4]

nervous personality

People with a nervous personality are characterized by a set of characteristics that distinguish them from others, and these characteristics are:[5]

  • The intensity of the reaction.
  • irritability
  • Agitation when receiving disturbing news.
  • Instability, insecurity and insecurity.

the reviewer

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Character types and traits

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