For all women who have curly hair and suffer from dryness and brittleness, whether long or short, here is the Cantu cream for damaged curly hair, as there is nothing better than it to care for curly hair and nourish it; It comes in more than one type and has multiple benefits for curly hair, so follow the following lines to learn more about it, and to give your hair the care, nourishment and vitality it needs.

Cantu cream for curly hair

Cantu hair cream
Cantu hair cream

Cantu cream for curly hair is one of the best styling products for curly and dry hair; It includes a group of natural and ideal ingredients to moisturize the hair, in addition to making it easier to install and style curly hair, and the following is a detailed statement of all its components, each of them separately:

Shea Butter

Cantu cream contains a large proportion of natural shea butter, which limits hair loss, and contributes to moisturizing hair and repairing dry and brittle hair; Thanks to the fact that it contains the ideal fatty acids for hair.

argan oil

It gives hair the perfect hydration and shine, eliminates frizz, treats hair damage and gives it the perfect nourishment for healthy growth.


It contributes to improving the process of hair follicles germination, reduces itching and burning on the scalp, eliminates the annoying dandruff problem, and moisturizes the hair and its ends perfectly.

canola oil

It works on perfect hair germination and stimulates its growth. It is also an ideal treatment for frizz, split ends and hair damage factors.

neem extract

It moisturizes frizzy and damaged hair, reduces hair loss and treats itching and scalp infections.

jojoba oil

It contains many vitamins and mineral salts, and therefore is ideal for increasing the strength and nourishment of hair follicles, as well as significantly increasing its density and reducing hair loss.

coconut extract

It stimulates the hair growth process, improves the health and vitality of the scalp, in addition to it moisturizes the hair and gives it softness and luster.

avocado oil

It contains high levels of oleic acid and monounsaturated fatty acids, so it is ideal for moisturizing hair and reducing breakage and split ends.

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Cantu cream types for curly hair

curly hair
Cantu hair cream

Cantu cream for curly hair comes in 3 different types, all of which are free of sulfate harmful to hair health, and contribute to moisturizing curly and dry hair, and its three types are represented in the following points:

Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Cream

It is a leave-in conditioner that is suitable for very dry, curly hair. It works to penetrate the deep layers of the hair follicles to moisturize and nourish it, and it comes with more than one natural and important component for hair health, namely:

  • Pure Natural Shea Butter.
  • olive oil.
  • glycerol;
  • Sage oil.
  • orange extract;
  • Achillea herbal extract.
  • Panthenol moisturizer.
  • canola oil.
  • Kiwi extract.
  • Rosemary oil.
  • linalool compound.
  • Nettle oil.
  • Hyaluronic acid to maintain smoothness and hydration of hair and reduce split ends.

Cantu Cream with Coconut Extract and Shea Butter

It is an ideal cream for treating damaged curly hair; It perfectly moisturizes, rebuilds hair bonds and increases their strength, in addition to protecting hair from the effects of heat, and it is free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and silicones, in addition to a group of oils and natural materials, such as:

  • Coconut extract.
  • Shea Butter.
  • Sweet almond extract.
  • Argan oil.
  • Jojoba extract.
  • mango oil
  • Honeysuckle herbal extract.
  • olive oil.
  • Seaweed extract.
  • Grape seed oil.
  • Sage extract.
  • Macadamia oil.
  • Neem extract.
  • Red grape oil.
  • Carrot extract.
  • Nettle oil.
  • Avocado extract.

Cantu cream with argan oil

It is for thick and damaged curly hair. It moisturizes the hair and increases its softness. It also contributes to protecting it from breakage caused by low hair hydration. Finally, it protects the hair from the effects of the heat of the dryer and the sun and makes the process of styling easier. It comes with many natural ingredients that are important for hair health, such as:

  • Argan oil.
  • Canola extract.
  • Shea Butter.
  • glycerol;
  • olive oil.

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Benefits of Cantu cream for curly hair

Cantu cream for curly hair gives many ideal benefits, which are as follows:

  • Gives curly hair the perfect shine.
  • Effectively treats frizzy hair.
  • It gives hair deep hydration.
  • It is free from hair-damaging substances and therefore does not cause any side effects.
  • Leaves hair follicles soft, and increases their vitality and health.
  • It gives perfect protection to the hair.

Cantu hair cream side effects

The damages of Cantu cream on the hair do not appear except when excessive or incorrect use, and its damages are represented in the following points:

  • It can cause severe hair loss.
  • Delaying the process of hair germination, so that hair growth cannot be observed after a short period of use.
  • It is considered one of the more expensive hair creams, compared to other products for curly hair.

How to use Cantu cream for curly hair

The correct way to use Cantu cream for curly hair ensures maximum benefit from it, which is represented in the following points:

  • Wash the hair with the shampoo and conditioner designated for it.
  • Cantu cream is applied to the hair from the ends to the roots, taking into account its good distribution to reduce hair frizz.
  • Leave the cream on the hair until it is absorbed and then style as usual.

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Curly hair care tips

Cantu cream for curly hair

Curly hair needs certain ways to take care of it, in order to appear vibrant and healthy looking away from damage and dryness, so here are a set of basic tips to properly care for your curly hair:

Limit the use of shampoo

It is recommended to use a shampoo completely free of parabens, sulfates, silicones, and sulfates, in addition to avoiding using it excessively on the hair, so that it is sufficient to use it twice during one week.

Use large amounts of conditioner

The more curly your hair, the higher its need for deep moisturizing, so it is necessary to use a moisturizing hair conditioner in large quantities, taking into account the massage of the hair with it, especially the scalp; In order to get the largest percentage of it, use the conditioner immediately after shampooing.

Avoid using the brush

Were you aware that brushing increases frizz in curly hair? In fact, the reason is due to the fibers that the brush is made of; It causes hair damage and breakage, so replace it with a wide-toothed comb for smooth hair styling and detangling.

Dry hair carefully and gently

One of the most harmful habits for curly hair, which causes damage, is drying the hair vigorously, as this leads to a defect in the outer layer of it, which is responsible for protecting it from external harmful factors.

Avoid overheating

A hair dryer causes severe damage to the health of curly hair, as excessive heat damages and breaks protein molecules, which is responsible for giving hair vitality, so it is preferable to avoid using a thermal hair dryer excessively, and if it must be used, it is better to apply the serum for protection.

Use thermal pillows instead of cotton

In fact, cotton pillows dehydrate the hair during sleep, which leads to frizz and breakage of its tufts, and thus hair loss as a result of the scalp’s friction with cotton, so it is better to replace them with thermal pillows; Because it maintains the softness and hydration of the hair and limits its exposure to hair loss.

Cantu cream for curly hair is the perfect choice for the care of dry and frizzy hair, as it leaves your hair hydrated and more vibrant than before, so if you want to give your hair health, luster and perfect hydration for it, we advise you to start using it, taking into account the application of the previously mentioned tips to care for curly hair, and get For perfect flawless hair.

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