Italian moussaka in the oven

Preparation time

20 minutes

cooking time

50 minutes

enough for

5 people

Difficulty level


the components

  • 1 kg peeled diced tomatoes
  • Six aubergines, sliced ​​lengthwise and thin.
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil.
  • Three cloves of garlic.
  • Fresh thyme.
  • Three tablespoons of red grape juice.
  • Three tablespoons of white honey.
  • Eight sage leaves.
  • Fresh basil leaves.
  • Three tablespoons of rusk.
  • Pine spoon.
  • Two tablespoons of finely grated Parmesan cheese.
  • Fresh mozzarella cheese ball.

How to prepare

  • Heat oil in a large frying pan, saute finely chopped garlic cloves with green thyme and sage leaves, then add tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, and water, and let it marinate for 15 minutes.
  • Brush the eggplant in olive oil and grill it, and set it aside.
  • Mix 25 grams of grated Parmesan cheese, soft breadcrumbs and pine nuts in a bowl, and set aside.
  • Put two tablespoons of sauce at the bottom of the large oven tray, then a layer of eggplant, salt and pepper, then a layer of tomato sauce, pieces of mozzarella, Parmesan, and chopped basil, and repeat the layers until reaching the last layer, which consists of the sauce with a mixture of rusk, Parmesan, and pine nuts, then bake it In the oven at a medium temperature of 180 ° C, for 30-40 minutes, until it turns golden.
  • Let it rest a bit, and decorate it with basil leaves.
  • Garnish the moussaka with Parmesan, and serve it hot or cold.

Eggplant Baba Ghanoush

the components

  • A large eggplant.
  • Four long eggplants, cut into strips.
  • One large tomato, peeled and chopped.
  • Minced hot pepper.

Quarter cup of lemon juice.

  • Bread cut into squares.
  • Half a cup of parsley.
  • quarter tea spoon of black Peper.
  • Three cloves of garlic, crushed.
  • Teaspoon salt.
  • A quarter cup of olive oil.
  • A tablespoon of sumac.
  • A tablespoon of fried pine nuts.
  • Corn oil for frying.

How to prepare

  • Make incisions in the eggplant using the tip of the knife, and put the eggplant directly on the fire for 30 minutes, turning it on all sides, until it is completely cooked.
  • Put the eggplant in cold water and set it aside, then peel it, then put the eggplant pulp in a deep dish.
  • Put the eggplant slices in a wide dish and sprinkle a quantity of salt on it, leave it aside until drops of water form on its surface, and wipe the water drops from the eggplant using kitchen paper.
  • Put an amount of oil about 5 cm high in a deep frying pan, and put it on a medium heat.
  • Fry the eggplant slices until golden, remove them from the oil using a ladle with holes, and place them on a kitchen paper to get rid of the excess oil.
  • Fry the bread in the same oil, and transfer it to a piece of kitchen paper to get rid of the excess oil.
  • Add fried bread and eggplant to the eggplant pulp in the dish, then add garlic, parsley, tomatoes, peppers, lemon juice, salt and black pepper, and stir the ingredients using a fork to mix together.
  • Serve Baba Ghanoush on a wide plate, distribute olive oil on it, decorate it with pine nuts and sumac, and serve.

Onion and olive bread

Cooking time

30 minutes

enough for

8 people

the components

  • Three and a half cups of flour.
  • A tablespoon of soft instant yeast.
  • Half a teaspoon of baking powder.
  • Teaspoon salt.
  • Half a teaspoon of black pepper.
  • Two teaspoons of sugar.
  • Quarter of a teaspoon of mixed spice.
  • Half a teaspoon of garlic powder.
  • A tablespoon of oregano.
  • A tablespoon of dried basil.
  • Medium grain finely chopped onion.
  • Half a cup of olive oil.
  • Half a cup of chopped black olives.
  • A cup and a third of warm water.

To polish:

  • one egg.
  • Two tablespoons of milk.

How to prepare

  • Put the oil in a small frying pan over a medium heat to heat up, then add the onion using a wooden spoon and stir until it becomes light brown in color, and set it aside to cool completely.
  • Put three and a half cups of flour in the mixer bowl, add yeast, baking powder, salt, basil, olives, pepper, oregano, sugar, spice, garlic, and onions, and run the mixer on a slow speed to mix the materials, add water and knead on medium speed to form a dough Soft, and add the rest of the flour if the dough is soft.
  • Put the dough in an oiled dish, cover it with a piece of nylon, and leave it in a warm place to double in size.
  • Bring a short-edged tray and grease it with oil, put the dough in the tray with the tips of the fingers and spread it a little, and cover it again with a piece of nylon to double its size again.
  • Install the net rack in the center of the oven, and preheat the oven to a temperature of 180 ° C.
  • Prepare the polishing mixture by placing the egg and milk in a small bowl, stirring well with a fork.
  • Brush the dough with the polishing mixture using a small brush, and bake for 30 minutes.

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