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Tuesday January 26, 2021

Twitter acquires the company that specializes in Revue newsletters

Twitter today announced the acquisition of Revue, a Dutch company that specializes in empowering people to create and monetize mailing newsletters.

Twitter is the pioneer of microblogging in the world, but the way its platform works is completely different from postal newsletters, which it seems that it is preparing to focus on it in the future, as the company indicated in its blog that it aims to serve writers and publishers better in addition to regular tweets.

The company stated that it seeks to enable writers and publishers to reach their audience and subscribers more easily and broadly through postal newsletters.

Twitter says that Revue will continue as a separate company in its own right, and professional service will be available from it for free after the acquisition.

But later, it may allow book followers and publishers to subscribe to their newsletters directly through the platform to obtain more specialized and comprehensive content.

It is noteworthy that Twitter did not disclose the value of the acquisition, but Revue had previously obtained Previous investments of 400 thousand Dollars.



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