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Sunday November 29, 2020

Tweeters confirm the killing of Saudi officers in the Tadawan missile strike + names of the dead

The World – Yemen

Saudis posted on social media photos of the dead officers, one of which indicated that they were killed by a Yemeni missile at a coalition camp in Marib.

The Saudi tweets listed 7 deaths among the Saudi officers and soldiers, namely Colonel Pilot Saeed Hamdan Al Samri, Colonel Abdullah Ayed Al Buqami, Major Muhammad Saad Al Mubarak, Captain Abdullah Saleh Al Ghamdi, Soldier Khaled Aziz Al Otaibi, Mishary Musaed Al Lihyani, Fahd Batah Al Shammari.

Earlier this evening, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, a spokesman for the armed forces, revealed the details of the missile strike to the coalition operations room in the Tadawin camp in Marib, confirming that the number of dead were eight, including Saudi officers and soldiers, while seven other Saudi forces were wounded.

He pointed out that the missile that was used in the operation on Saturday evening is the Badr P missile, which is a ballistic missile of the smart generation of missiles manufactured by the Yemeni missile force, which appeared in the public in 2018 and has a range of 130 km, and the accuracy of hitting the target is 3 meters.

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