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Tuesday January 26, 2021

Tunisia boils .. Violent confrontations after the death of a protester of a head injury

The World – Tunisia

Difficult social and political conditions in Tunisia .. New clashes erupted and the police fired tear gas canisters to disperse demonstrators in the city of Sbeitla in the state of Kasserine after the death of a young man who succumbed to his injury with a tear gas grenade during a demonstration last week. The victim’s family confirmed that he was subjected to a security assault by using a tear gas canister at the level of his head.

The victim had undergone a lobotomy. Several Tunisian cities witnessed demonstrations calling for a more just social policy and the release of hundreds of protesters who were arrested by the police after the clashes. Twenty-eight non-governmental organizations called for a march in front of Parliament to condemn, in particular, the police policy in dealing with the protests.

In the context of political and social tensions, the ministerial reshuffle made by Prime Minister Hisham al-Mashishi did not gain the support of President Qais Saeed, who declared during a meeting of the National Security Council in the presence of the heads of government and parliament that this amendment, which was made without his consultation, did not respect the procedures imposed by the constitution, especially the deliberations Council of Ministers. He indicated that some of the proposed ministers have issues of corruption or have conflict of interest files, in addition to the absence of women from the amended government list.

The eleven new ministers will appear before Parliament to obtain confidence. If the ministers proposed in the government reshuffle do not obtain before the parliament, then the government of Hisham El-Mechichi must constitutionally continue its work with the direct ministers now, but the failure to grant confidence to the modified government means that it is its downfall politically, and is an indirect withdrawal of confidence from the government of the Mechanically.

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It remains for the prime minister to propose another cabinet reshuffle, which he will submit to Parliament again. Or to submit his resignation to the Tunisian president, considering that his government has lost parliamentary confidence

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