Tunis Economic City

A group of Gulf investors announced the establishment of an economic city in Tunisia that aims to provide 250,000 job opportunities, whether direct or indirect, at a cost of $50 billion for the entire period of completion, which is expected to be approximately 15 years. The first of its kind being an integrated industrial, tourist and cultural city in Tunisia, it will extend over an area of ​​90 km2 and is located in the Enfidha area. The symposium included many political figures in Tunisia, in addition to the financiers and those responsible for setting up the project.

The idea of ​​this project is based on the establishment of a city in the Enfidha region, which is located in the state of Sousse, which will be one of the smart cities in the region. Or east, and west.

The economic importance of Tunis

Al-Tuwaikri, the spokesperson for this project, said during the seminar that was held to introduce it that a project of this magnitude contributes greatly to shaping and defining the features of the future for a country like Tunisia in terms of its economic development in particular, as well as for the whole region in general. The idea of ​​this huge project came after many In-depth studies devoted to the global readings of the economy, and then Tunisia, which has an important strategic location in the region, was chosen for this huge project, and what Tunisia was characterized by culturally, civilly and socially contributed to its selection and success in establishing such a project, as he said, adding that Tunisia will attract a large number of Arab and foreign investors, in addition to important companies in the labor market, who may contribute and continue to this project through many fields such as entertainment, medicine, media, hotel, and other fields that make this unique city an important global edifice. And he said that so far, contracts have been signed with major foreign investment companies, so that investment requests were much larger than the number of offers that were submitted to investors.

Specifications of the economic city of Tunis

Tunis Economic City

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