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Friday March 27, 2020

Trickster Mobile – Pixel art, an animated revival of MMORPG in action

Trickster Mobile – Pixel art, an animated revival of MMORPG in action

Thanks to the advice of our friend, we now know that Ntreev Soft is developing Trickster Mobile. Ntreev Soft is the Korean studio that made PangYa golf series from computers and portable games. NCsoft bought 76% of Ntreev Soft in 2012, but the studio has been unable to roll out a successful global game since then. But before the deal, Ntreev Soft actually had MMORPG Trickster Online, which found a large number of followers on the global market. Not sure what led to its close, but a new mobile version has been confirmed! There were some portable games based on Trickster Online, but none of them stick to the original PC gameplay.

There are currently 4 vacancies for various positions on Trickster Mobile, the first 2 were already posted late last year, followed by two new jobs last month. Positions include server developer, developer tools, native background artist, and Pixel Art designer. The last position is especially interesting, because it not only requires a person with pixel art skills, but also Photoshop, Unity and Spine System (a feature that makes 2D artistic moves popular in games like Destiny Child). Stay tuned for updates!

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