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Monday January 25, 2021

Treachery and foreign agendas – Al-Alam news channel

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The fact of the matter is that ISIS is now carrying out treacherous operations according to the international and regional agendas that it is disturbing that Iraq and its people enjoy security, safety and stability, and these agendas have failed miserably in exploiting the events of October protests to overthrow the existing democratic regime in Iraq and to maintain the American military presence on this territory The country has an end in the same Washington and Tel Aviv.

ISIS today is just gangs and mercenaries made up of bandits, thieves and criminals who used themselves to tear apart the Iraqi cohesion that has magnified the heroism of the Popular Mobilization Forces, the National Army and the anti-terrorist forces. Countries in the region as well.

Informed local political sources revealed that the US forces had introduced 4,000 ISIS forces to Iraq at the end of 2020, as part of convoys carrying the American flag, which are not allowed to be searched by the Iraqi security forces.

It is well established that the exploitation of the Arar border crossing to bring in Saudi ISIS terrorists is the latest indication of the harmony of the goals of Washington and Riyadh in undermining civil peace in Iraq and in a way that supports the requirements of Gulf normalization with Israel, which is pleased to see tension prevail in the countries surrounding occupied Palestine in order for it and its settlers to enjoy calm far away. On the emergence of any resistance force that rejects the Western Zionist occupation in the region.

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Certainly, the sacrificial response made by the Popular Mobilization Forces in the face of ISIS exposures in the provinces of Diyala (Hamrin Mountains) and Salah al-Din, as well as the operations (revenge for the martyrs) carried out by the Iraqi air and ground forces, are evidence that the Iraqi mujahideen are holding the land and have the initiative with The need to strengthen some soft areas from which the takfiri terrorists can infiltrate, as happened in Arar, as an emphasis on protecting national sovereignty from any brutal external or internal aggression.

Written by Hamid Helmy Al-Baghdadi

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