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Monday October 19, 2020

Traveling to America – The duration of the visa before travel

A destination everyone longs to visit
The United States of America is one of the most popular destinations for visitors for tourism or temporary business
Exciting and fun opportunities await them, the splendor of entertainment facilities, flavors and foods from different parts of the world,
Natural wonders and the beauty of the atmosphere in all states. But to plan your travel to the United States of America
In order to avoid the hassle of searching for information related to entry visas, such as the type and duration of the visa
And its validity and the most appropriate time to apply it, in this article we highlight some important points to help you in
Arrange your trip without hassle or unpleasant surprises!
an introduction
We advise citizens residing in any foreign country, businessmen, students, or tourists who wish to visit
The United States of America for a specified period by applying for a nonimmigrant entry visa, which is printed after
Issued on the passport. You may want to know if you qualify for the Visa Waiver Program (
Before embarking on travel to the United States, where you are required to use the program that you are a permanent resident of the VWP.
One of the eligible countries for visa waiver, and you are also a citizen of one of the listed countries *. Invite you
To ensure that you meet the program requirements, which include obtaining authorization through the electronic system for permits
This is provided you have an electronic passport and that your travel is for temporary business and for the ESTA period
More than 90 days.
To ensure that matters are kept current and handled better during the application process, all required paperwork must be submitted
The applicant demonstrates the existence of strong ties to him in the state to which he is going and acknowledges his intention to leave after the end of the period
The residence scheduled for him in it.
* Member States
AndorraAustraliaAustriaBelgiumBruneiPolandChileCzech RepublicDenmarkEstoniaFinlandFranceGermanyGreeceHungaryIcelandIrelandItalyJapanLatviaLiechtensteinLithuaniaMaltaLuxembourgLuxembourg – New Zealand – Norway – Portugal – Republic of Korea – San Marino – Singapore – Slovakia – Slovenia – Spain – Sweden – Switzerland – Taiwan – Netherlands – United Kingdom
The validity period of the passport and the date of submitting the application
Submit a visa application for any entry permit to the United States of America within a period of no less than three months from
The date of your expected flight. To better plan your trip, you can check the wait times for appointments
Visas, which usually take between one to three months to be issued. You must also make sure that the passport is valid
Your travel is not less than six months from the date of the expiry of your expected period of stay in the United States of America.
You may travel during the period of validity of a ‘nonimmigrant visa’ and before the last day of its validity expires. Note that it is not
You may extend the validity period of the visa, and if you wish, you must submit a new application. It is worth noting that
The duration of the visa does not mean the length of your permissible stay in the United States, as the length of stay is determined in
State by the immigration inspector, after your arrival at the airport in the United States of America. For example, it may
Your visa expires on November 11, 2020, so your last date to travel and enter the United States is
Until midnight on November 11, 2020. And you may be authorized upon arrival to stay for a period of 6 months, i.e. until the date
May 11, 2021 or choose to leave on November 25, 2020 even though the expiration date of your visa is
On November 11, 2020. For more information, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section on the Affairs website
The consulate is in the U.S. Department of State.
Checking your visa
Make sure to read your visa immediately after receiving it to make sure all information is correct and compatible
Contained out with your passport. To find out how to verify the information, you can visit the affairs website
Consulate in the US Department of State and review the detailed explanation of the implications of printed information
In the visa. In the event that there is an error, please consult the responsible authority for issuing it.
Please note that the length of stay in the United States will be determined by the appropriate department at the airport after
Access to it does not depend on the validity period of the visa printed on your passport, as you can arrange for your travel
Before the end of the day specified for the visa expiration date. It is worth noting that a multiple entry visa is valid
For use on more than one flight until its expiration date, in case the carrier does not initiate any other behavior
Legal prohibiting him from visiting the United States again.
During the examination of your visa, please ensure that the following information is consistent and correct:
Passport number ●
The full name as it appears in your passport
Where the visa is issued ●
Your date of birth ●
Refers to an ordinary passport and a visitor visa type, for example R – passport classification for example ●
B1 / B2
Or just one time. M multiple logins ●
The visa expiry date, which is the last day to enter the United States, does not mean the length of stay there. ●
With regard to the visa. Annotation Any other notes listed under ●
Your passport or visa has expired
If your passport expires while your tourist visa is valid to the United States, you can
Reserve your flight using both passports (old and new), making sure that the information is in the new passport.
Fully identical to all the personal information contained in the old passport, such as nationality, name, data and date
Birth and others. In the event that it does not match, we advise you to apply for a new visa to avoid any potential difficulties.
In the event that your visa expires after entering the states, that is, during the period of your stay there, you can stay without any
Consequences, provided that you adhere to the period that the security official declares upon arrival at the airport, which is written on the form
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