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Thursday October 22, 2020

Travel to Morocco – Tourism in Morocco Dancer in the Atlas Mountains

With an age that exceeds a millennium and a history that embraces a harmonious mixture of people of different cultures and ethnicities, including Arabs, Africans and Amazighs, Morocco welcomes you in its mountain villages and its modern, deeply rooted urban cities,
Morocco trip sailing in the heart of its charming nature and amazing deserts; In the symbols, rituals and titles that continue to capture the hearts of millions of tourists every year and give them experiences that they will only find in this lively and authentic dance destination on the peaks of the Atlas Mountains.
Here are the most important things to know before visiting this exceptional destination:

Climate in Morocco

Morocco is considered a country that lives the four seasons, and its winter is relatively cold, with snow covering the tops of high mountains, while the summers are hot and dry in the desert regions, with high humidity in coastal areas. And if you are wondering about the best times to travel, there is no doubt that the best period to visit Morocco is from late September to the end of the year, as well as from late March to June, and despite the very hot summer, millions of tourists visit it in various parts of it to do experiences that they will not have anywhere else.

Flying to Morocco

Many airlines operate direct flights to a large group of Moroccan cities that have international airports, the most important of which are: Rabat, Marrakech, Casablanca, Agadir, Fez and Tangier.
The country’s national carrier is the “Royal Air Maroc”, which provides domestic flights between 18 different centers in Morocco.
To get the best flight offers to Morocco, use the application form to compare offers of different airlines and book your flight at the best price.

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Transportation in Morocco

Visitors to Morocco have the ability to choose between many means of transportation practically since the airport’s arrival, taxis inside and outside cities offer their services around the clock, bus lines are available at a high level, and the train network in Morocco is considered the best in Africa and it allows transportation between these major cities: Casablanca / Marrakesh / Rabat / Fez and Tanger.

Shopping in Morocco

When talking about shopping in Morocco, ElHajj focused on the fact that the handicrafts offered in the popular markets dominate the scene, adding that these markets are an integral part of the cultural and social scene and have a different character in every city and village affected by the raw materials provided by the surrounding environment, and that the Square of El Fna in Marrakech The best living example of that.

The best dining experiences in Morocco

Moroccan cuisine is worldfamous thanks to its local ingredients, unique flavors, and ceramic tools with distinctive patterns and designs. Some dishes such as tagine, pastilla and couscous are part of the Moroccan identity, and acquire their unique flavor thanks to fresh Moroccan spices and special traditional cooking methods.

The most beautiful tourist cities in Morocco

Rabat, the capital

A flat coastal city and one of the largest cities in the Kingdom of Morocco and its official political capital. An exquisitely beautiful tourist destination, famous for its ancient Moroccan baths, temples and a wide range of facilities and monuments, as well as for its textile and textile industries.
In Rabat, do not miss visiting the souks and cafes of the old city, the ancient Chellah area, the Hassan Tower, Bouregreg Valley and the Oudayas Kasbah.


The blue city Very beautiful, hiding in the northern Rif Mountains and forming a unique painting above the green peaks, as it blends with nature in a flowing and charming aesthetic thanks to its blue houses, walls and corridors with entrances similar to the old keyhole.


One of the most popular tourist attractions on the western Moroccan coast, it is characterized by its sea and soft sandy beaches, and is known for its bustling harbor, colorful boats, white buildings, alleys, ramparts and beautiful markets.


A historical city with a romantic aura that embodies the history of Morocco in the Middle Ages, and is the second largest Moroccan city, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and the features of this city give you the feeling that you are inside An open air museum!


The awardwinning ovens Switzerland Morocco For its resemblance to a mountainous Swiss village, it is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Morocco and the most charming in the winter when covered by snow and is an ideal place to ski And other winter sports.


With its distinctive markets, with artisan parades in its famous squares and lush gardensIts museums The wealthy Marrakech is considered the first destination of tourism unchallenged for everyone who goes to Morocco.
To enjoy a unique experience in Marrakech, it is necessary to try an overnight stay in the traditional Moroccan Riyadh. In this article, read about: Riad in Marrakech: an authentic bedtime experience in a country of fractious heritage!

Casablanca / Casablanca

The largest city in Morocco and its economic and financial capital, and one of the richest cities in Morocco with its archaeological, most famous and most important landmarks Hassan II Mosque, TadalafilAin Diab varnish, FromPalate gall above, DrB cover, NeighborhoodThe Habous andLimitArab League Association.

Experiences and stops not to be missed on the Morocco trip

🇲🇦 Experience the Moroccan baths in Rabat

Rabat, the capital of Morocco, is a plain coastal city and an exquisitely beautiful tourist destination famous for its ancient Moroccan baths, temples and a wide range of facilities and monuments, be sure to visit its old souks and enjoy a distinctive hammam.

🇲🇦 Explore the lanes of Chefchaouen and its blue lanes
A unique painting above the green peaks, characterized by its blue houses, walls and corridors with entrances similar to the old keyhole. The ancient neighborhoods of Chaouen are distinguished by their buildings and cafes influenced by Andalusian and Islamic architecture and considered a paradise for photographers and beauty lovers.

A tour of the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca
The Hassan II Mosque is one of the great addresses in Casablanca, which is the richest city in Morocco in terms of monuments, and you can also visit Ain Diab Corniche, Manarat -Hanak, Derb Gulef, Habous neighborhood and the Arab League Park.

🇲🇦 Visit Atlas Studios in Ouarzazate
Ouarzazate, which gained its fame thanks to its gorgeous cascades, has become one of the filming locations for many Hollywood films, “Atlas Studios” in Ouarzazate will undoubtedly inform you of a different aspect of Morocco.

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