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Bulgaria contains many wonderful places and huge mountains spread among the multiple forests, and contains many places where religious art is represented, such as churches and monasteries distributed among its territory, and has many tourist destinations that attract many visitors, such as Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Boyana Church, and the Monastery of Bulgaria. Rila, the Church of St. Paul George, the Troyan Monastery, the Bachkovo Monastery, the Church of Russia and the Rosen Monastery,[1] This affected tourism, which has a clear imprint on the development of the state of Bulgaria since the sixties, as statistics indicated that approximately 750,000 tourists visited Bulgaria in 2005 AD, in addition to the previous tourist places, Bulgaria also owns the famous Black Sea resorts, and multiple historical centers such as Sofia and Plovdiv. And Rila Monastery in addition to sports centers such as Borovets, which is located in the Rhodope Mountains.[2]

Best times to visit Bulgaria

To enjoy tourism in Bulgaria, it is necessary to know the appropriate time to visit it, depending on its climate. In the summer, Bulgaria is characterized by a cold winter accompanied by heavy snowfall, which constitutes a fertile environment to enjoy skiing on its wonderful lands.[3]

Parks in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983, which was nicknamed the Pirin National Park.[2]It also has many wonderful parks, such as, the Bulgarian National Park, the Central Balkan National Park, the Persina Park, the Rila National Park and many other attractive and diverse parks that spread among its lands in all poles.[1]

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Travel to Bulgaria

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