Capricorn is the earth sign that falls from December 23 to January 22, and this sign is characterized by its great responsibility for it, as well as it has ambition, and great determination to achieve its goals, and acts wisely in various situations, which require it, as it is a sign loyal to its friends in every sense. Word.

At the same time, he is a selfish, pessimistic, and stubborn sign in some of the situations he is exposed to, and he is moody, and sometimes tends to isolate from others. This sign is compatible with Cancer and Virgo, and is not compatible with Aries and Leo, and in this article We will learn about the most important qualities of a Capricorn woman.

Traits of a Capricorn woman

There are many qualities that characterize a Capricorn woman, the most important of which are:

  • Capricorn women strive to reach the highest ranks, and to obtain a prestigious position in society.
  • The Capricorn woman prefers success in her life, rather than spending her time with a man she does not like, as she seeks professional or family success.
  • The Capricorn woman stands by her partner in good times and bad, as she is convinced of what God has divided her, and seeks to advance her husband forward, help him, and relieve him in times of distress.
  • Capricorn women prefer to get up early in the morning, they are energetic, and do not like laziness.
  • The Capricorn woman adheres to the prevailing customs and traditions, whether in the home or the surrounding community.
  • The Capricorn woman is characterized by her great love of cleanliness and order, and always strives to make her home clean and tidy.
  • The Capricorn woman is beautiful, gentle, gentle, and has sensitive skin.
  • Capricorn women are cruel to their children, especially males, especially after marriage.
  • A Capricorn woman has a fickle mood, and if she gets angry, it is difficult to please her, and it is also difficult to forgive someone who hurts her.
  • The Capricorn woman is characterized by her extreme love for control, and she seeks to be an opinion and decision-maker in her home, and between her husband and her children.
  • Capricorn women are pessimistic because of some situations they are exposed to, and they are dominated by depression.
  • The Capricorn woman suffers from her sensitive skin, and from the pain of her teeth, which is one of the most severe diseases that bother her.
  • Capricorn women are realistic, do not like to believe in dreams, and have an optimistic outlook on life.
  • The Capricorn woman has a very strong memory, as she is able to remember events and situations that happened with her since she was young.
  • The Capricorn woman has a great ability to control herself, and she also motivates herself to achieve her goals, as she possesses a determination stemming from herself.
  • Capricorn women tend to be natural, playful, and daring with the people close to their heart.
  • Capricorn women have a humble personality, are able to deal with the people around them, are patient, and are able to take responsibility for any decision they make.
  • The Capricorn woman finds it difficult to express her feelings to others, and she is a romantic, sensitive and emotional woman.
  • The Capricorn woman sets goals for her life, and draws a plan to follow in order to achieve all her goals.
  • Capricorn women do not prefer randomness in their romantic relationships, but rather what is organized and tidy.
  • The Capricorn woman is a leader, successful, and ambitious.
  • The Capricorn woman has distinctive ideas in her field of work, which makes her able to carry out many projects successfully.
  • The Capricorn woman stands by her friends, who are close to her heart, and helps them in their difficult circumstances.
  • Capricorn women are keen to pay attention to their elegance, and to have a good appearance.
  • The Capricorn woman does not care if her clothes belong to international brands or not, and prefers to wear high heels.

Capricorn celebrities

  • Richard Nixon.
  • Isaac Newton.
  • Jamal Abdulnasser.
  • Ehab Tawfik.
  • Mohammed Anwar Sadat.

Capricorn woman traits

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