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Tourist cities unknown in Europe

In Europe there are wonderful tourist destinations such as Amsterdam and its channels, and London famous for shopping, museums, Paris and many others, but there is another group of distinctive tourist cities that are unknown to many people and are characterized by its calmness, purity and natural beauty such as Samos Island in Greece, Rocamadour in France and Boeing in Slovenia.

Tourist cities not famous in Europe

Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy

Civita di Bagnoregio is two distant towns, Civita is located on a hill that is only accessible by a long stone corridor that starts at the end of the road from the neighboring Bagnoregio, today Civita has only about 6 residents so few that it is called the “city of death” Many buildings in Civita are bought by wealthy Italians who come here for a vacation, yet the city suffers from a continuous erosion of volcanic rocks in the valley below.

Civita is a charming medieval city, almost untouched by the Renaissance, the facade of the church reshaped during the Renaissance, but the city was in the entire Middle Ages the city’s most famous citizen was the philosopher and saint Bonaventure, the long bridge connected to Civita is steep and steeper with Its height.

Bohinj , Slovenia

Nie is a unique, charming and mysterious region of Slovenia, the Alps and Europe, Bohinj is located in the heart of the Julian Alps, the most comprehensive and highest mountain range in Slovenia is also the southeastern part of the Alps.

Bohinj includes Nomenj Valley, upper and lower Bohinj valleys, Basin Lake, Pokljuka Highlands and Jelovica and a high mountain range. The Boheing Lake, the largest lake in Slovenia, is the most famous and surprising natural site.

Positano , Italia

Positano is a village and commune on the coast of Amalfi (Costera Amalfitana), in Campania, Italy, located mainly in a pocket in the hills leading to the coast, Positano was a port of the medieval Republic of Amalfi, and it flourished during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, by the middle of the nineteenth century The city had fallen in difficult times More than half of the population immigrated to America.

Positano was a relatively poor fishing village during the first half of the twentieth century, beginning to attract large numbers of tourists in the 1950s, especially after John Steinbeck published his article on Positano at the Harper Bazaar in May 1953 and it is one of the most beautiful and unknown tourist cities in Europe. [1]

Asturias, Spain

The Asturias region is located in the middle of the northern coast of Spain near the Bay of Biscay, it may be small in size but large as a distinctive tourist place, a third of the Asturias region has protection and UNESCO has recognized four reserves in its biosphere, the beaches are not crowded and there is a lot of hiking in the wild Complete as well as cities to explore cultural highlights, Covadonga Convent is one of the must-see spots and is one of Spain’s most important historical sites.

The city of Zeebog, Malta

It is the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea and the smallest country in the world, and Malta attracts travelers with its stunning landscapes, charming beaches and rich heritage in the Middle Ages and in Mdina you can visit major palaces, cultural treasures and architecture, and Zebbu has a wonderful Arab influence and is famous for a three-day celebration (or More) attract hundreds of people to celebrate.

Salzkammergut region, Hallstatt lake

Lake Hallstatt is one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in Austria, it is a great place for adventure in both summer and winter with these scenic views, and it is a region of mountain railway strip Hallstatt with a historic salt mine, while both Dachstein Ice Caves and Mammoth Cave in Oberton can be reached by cable car .

Azores, Portugal

The Azores is an archipelago consisting of nine volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, 800 miles off the coast of Portugal, and you can see stunning landscapes, volcanoes, crater lakes, fishing villages and waterfalls, UNESCO was included in the list of biosphere reserves in 2009, and is included in the list of budget destinations in Europe Ltd.

Perast , aTo Montenegro

Is a quaint town on the coast of Montenegro, beach lovers to discover this hidden European jewel, there are two wonderful places outside: St. George’s Island, the only artificial island of Adriatic, Lady of the Rocks, and Perast is famous for its buildings of Venetian heritage.

Lednice Castle, Czech Republic

One of the main attractions of Lednice Castle is a mansion built on the Renaissance Palace and the Gothic Castle, and you can walk in imaginary places and enjoy scenic views after climbing a 60-meter minaret or relaxing on a boat trip down the river, Valtice Chateau is famous for its beauty and long traditions in wine making.

Pag Island, Croatia

Croatia was once a hidden European destination, but it is now very popular with tourists, there are still some areas that you can visit on a limited budget and are not common yet, and Pag Island is one of the most exciting and unique sites on the Croatian Adriatic coast, the hot sea is famous With a moon-like landscape.

Volos and Pelion, Greece

Volos is midway between Athens and Thessaloniki in Pagasetic Bay, it has rich historical and architectural sites, good restaurants and a vibrant nightlife, with beautiful beaches on one side, and Pelion Mountain on the other side.

Kamnik Alps, Slovenia

Slovenia may be small but there are many beautiful places to visit and one of those picturesque highlands Velika Planina in Kamnik Alps, Velika Lanina Hotel is just one hour away from Ljubljana or the wooden huts of the oldest preserved herders settlement in Europe that will give you the illusion of travel, in addition to that Slovenes love to party, there are many festivals and events, and the Kamnick Alps region has over 60 festivals in just one season. [2]

Boglescoa, Italy

Bogliasco is a beautiful town located south of the city of Genoa in Italy and this attractive little spot is a great place to spend the afternoon at sea and listen to the distinctive seafood restaurants. [3]

Odense, Denmark

Odense is filled with many sights dedicated to the beloved author Hans Christian because it is his birthplace, you can visit one of the many museums that commemorate his life and see many statues and sculptures depicting events from his most famous stories and you can sit on the strange and decorated public seat and the likeness is one of his characters Myth, Odense is Denmark’s third largest city and has been the art capital of more than 1,000 years, the picturesque city streets are designed for cyclists and pedestrians, making this city an ideal place while cycling or walking on the streets. [4]

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