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Tourist activities in Algeria

The state of Algeria is an Arab country with a population of about 39 million people. Algeria is a democratic republic, with an area of ​​about 2 and a half square kilometers, and its capital is the city of Algeria overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The city of Algiers is one of the largest cities in the state of Algeria in terms of Population and area.

And the state of Algeria is a Phoenician state in the first place, as it was established in the Phoenician era, and the climate of Algeria is considered moderate, with many economic and commercial institutions, in addition to the presence of many tourist establishments and monuments. Luxurious buildings designed in European style.[1]

Tourist activities in Algeria

In the state of Algeria, there are a lot of tourist attractions and activities that a tourist can practice, and one of the most important things that distinguishes Algeria is the diversity and multiplicity of its types of tourism in order to suit the needs of all visitors.

Water tourism

The country of Algeria overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, which allows the availability and multiplicity of sandy beaches overlooking the sea, and allows the tourist to enjoy seeing the seas and snorkeling to see the beautiful landscapes and fish that grab the eyes of all who see it, and also can play on the beaches and the sands of the sea and spend a fun time .[2]

Medical Tourism

Algeria is considered the destination of most tourists who come for the purpose of medical tourism, due to the frequent presence of warm springs in it, which makes tourists go to those springs for treatment.

Civil tourism

Because of the large number of luxury buildings and hotels in Algeria, and the availability of many shops, restaurants and luxurious cafes, in addition to the large number of entertainment places that tourists come to see these sights and hold conferences and seminars in.

desert tourism

In Algeria there are many deserts and mountains that contain a large group of ancient Algerian tourist attractions, which makes Algeria a destination for tourists who love adventure and sightseeing and those sights.

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The most important tourist places in Algeria

Tourist places in Algeria have had a great development in the recent period, after the end of wars and economic and social stability, in addition to the large number of resorts and tourist facilities, parks and natural forests in them, and those tourist places in Algeria:

The city of the Kasbah

The city of the Kasbah or the ancient city as it is called is one of the very old Algerian cities where it was established in the seventeenth century AD, and the city of the Kasbah belongs to UNESCO because of the abundance of ancient monuments and cultural monuments in it, and contains a large group of ancient architecture such as Dar Aziz Palace, and Kasbah Palace And the Great Mosque, and its alleyways contain a large group of small Algerian houses, which we find stacked next to each other, as well as shops and ancient craft workshops and the presence of ancient Algerian museums that contain all the sights and monuments that speak of the Algerian revolution.[3]

The Church of Our Lady of Africa

The Church or Cathedral of the African Lady is one of the most famous ancient Christian places in Algeria, which symbolizes the Christian Catholic religion as it was established in the eighteenth century AD in the Byzantine urban way, where the Byzantines occupied Algeria at that time, and that church is located on top of a mountain overlooking the sea Mediterranean in the capital, and this cathedral is characterized by its beautiful shape and decoration, which was designed in the Byzantine style, and is considered one of the most important Christian tourist attractions in Algeria and many visitors are keen to see it.

Bab Al-Wadi neighborhood

This area was previously known as the city of the poor who have dark skin color or African skin, but in the modern era it has become one of the most populated areas of Algeria with tourists and tourists, as it has many tourist attractions, including the Big Three Market and the famous Algerian Three Hours Square, and there are in it The great athlete Baya Manjuli and Jamal Kido resided in boxing champion Dida Diafat. The most important characteristic of this region is its residents, their beautiful customs, simplicity and cooperation with everyone who visits them.

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The shrine of the martyr

This maqam is an architectural masterpiece and a memorial to the martyrs of the state of Algeria, it is a large building in the form of palm leaves and in the center a lit flame, the height of which is about 92 square meters and inside a large basement and overlooking the city directly and was built that to commemorate the lives of the Algerian soldiers who were injured in The wars of Algeria until they obtain the freedom of their country, and there is also in the region the Mujahid Museum, which overlooks the Hama region, and is also a beautiful tourist art masterpiece.

Didouche Mourad Street area

Didouche Street is a large shopping street full of lots of luxury stores and shops as well as large cafes and restaurants that offer Algerian recipes, and the region also has a well-known Gallan Park, and there is a very large group of high palms, as there is a large group of buildings and urban facilities, it is a street It has many advantages in addition to the magnificence of the sunset because of the large number of palm trees in it and reflected at sunset and its leaves sway.

Great Mosque

This mosque will be in the city of Algiers, and it is considered one of the most famous tourist regions in Algeria, where it was established in the tenth century AD, and was designed in the style of Almoravid architecture.

Ketchaoua Mosque

The Ketchaoua Mosque is a mosque that was established in the Ottoman era and it is one of the ancient Islamic monuments in Algeria and it is located in the neighborhood of the Kasbah neighborhood, and next to the mosque there is the old Ketchaoua market, which is the reason for calling the mosque the Ketchaoua Mosque, and the mosque was designed in the Ottoman architectural style.

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Botanical garden

The botanical garden, or as it is called the Experiment Garden, is considered one of the largest and largest botanical gardens in all parts of the world with an area of ​​more than 58 hectares, and there are more than 1200 different types of plants, trees and flowers, and there is the Algerian Agricultural Research Center, and the garden is located in the city center Algeria is in the middle of two streets, Hassiba Ben Ali and Belouizdad. There is also a large pool of water containing ducks swaying over the water to the tune of Algerian music. It also has a large garden that contains animals of all kinds.

Sir Bridge Master

Al-Masid Bridge is considered one of the largest bridges in the Algerian city of Constantine in particular, and the largest suspension bridge in the world is a suspension bridge located on a high plateau, and its height reaches about 176 square meters, and the bridge overlooks a large valley behind it, and that bridge connects the city of Constantine and the University Hospital Algeria road.

Annaba region

The Annaba region is one of the most Algerian regions that are full of joy and vitality due to the presence of large artistic architectural buildings in it and its proximity to green lands with vast areas, and is characterized by calm and picturesque charm.[4]

The cost of tourism to Algeria

The official currency of Algeria is the Algerian dinar. As for the costs of the trip to Algeria, if you are from outside the country, the prices there will be almost fixed, as the price of a public transport ticket is about 50 US cents, and the prices of intercity transport are about 15 US dollars, and the price of tickets is about one dollar to $ 5, and the price of a meal is around $ 5.

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