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Thursday March 19, 2020

Tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Traveling is moving from one place to another on a short or long trip, in a light or visual journey, in a fictional or cultural journey, thus we explain travel today.

At the beginning of the ages, travel was for trade and then for tourism and communication. Now it is a mixture of the two.

Man does not travel today only by the body, as he travels by thought when reading a beautiful poem or a charming book, and some of them travel by thought when they see the laughter of their loved ones through social networking sites.

Our destination for you today is -Masmak Fort, which is one of the most important historical monuments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it occupies a prominent place in the history of the city of Riyadh in particular, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general. It is a large fortress built of clay bricks, known as milk. The Masmak was the scene of the battle in which Abdulaziz bin Saud reclaimed the city of Riyadh to his family Saud from the Rashid family in 1902 AD; The spear in which Ibn Ajlan (Aamil bin Rashid was killed in Riyadh) was killed as the door remained

-Masmak Palace is considered one of the few remaining original buildings of Riyadh to the present time, and it now contains inside it a museum dedicated to uniting the original kingdom that exists to the present day.

Saudi Arabia at the hands of Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman Saud.

Traveling today, and for any reason, has become easy and fast, with the means to facilitate the reservation process, and it is possible at any time, such as the Wego application.

Arab travel search engine that helps travel lovers to choose the best tickets for travel and hotels from more than 700 reservation sites

Like Saudi Airlines and others in one application.

Are you ready to visit the kingdom now?

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